Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Escapades of the Beast

I've been AWOL from my blog for a few days due to sick kids and other crazy stuff, so I decided to skip the Wordless Wednesday I usually do and put up a post with some actual words. Ha ha! don't worry - plenty of photos of my cute monsters to come in future posts!

However, I have not had a chance to fill you in on the Beast's latest escapades. These of course must be chronicled for posterity and for possible embarrassing of the Beast as a teenager later on....

This past week I caught him:
1) Trying to shove a porcelain tea cup in the trash can at Teavana. I am so thankful that that $19.99 tea cup survived the ordeal without a chip or scratch.
2) Hiding in the swimsuit racks at JCPenney and then shouting "Boobies! Boobies!" when he saw the bikini tops. Thank you, big sister, for teaching him that anatomy term.
3) Singing the words to "Down By The Bay" word perfect and in perfect pitch. I think he's only heard the song a few times; so I was very impressed.
4) Stating loudly: "I don't like my brother today!" when the Spud kept trying to play with him. Yeah, I'm pretty sure the feeling was mutual.
5) Pleading "Momma, may I please have a drink of your soda?" 58 times in a row at McDonald's the other day. He is definitely persistent, but I did not give in. (Unfortunately he found a weaker target - Daddy gave in rather quickly!)

Not to mention that he suffered terribly from the stomach flu on Friday and managed to throw up several times on the couch, the floor, toys, and generally anywhere there was not a bucket.

I love you, my little Beast! And you certainly do make my days a lot more interesting...


  1. LOL I laugh b/c I live it. :) Hope the flu is gone for good! Yuck!

  2. may I have some soda please??
    may I have some soda please??
    may I have some soda please??
    may I have some soda please??
    may I have some soda pleeeeeeeeeeeeease?? (said in very high-pitched voice)

    :) :) :) love you, Davey!!

  3. Ha, the repetition beg ... oh my goodness, Jake has it MASTERED!! It first starts with "Mom, are you done drinking this?" "No, Jake." "Mom, can I have some of it?" "No, Jake." "MOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!"

    I lose patience just thinking about it!!! LOL :-)

    And, oh yeah, the boobies thing ... we have the uncles to thank for that.

  4. Oh my...LOL. He definitely keeps you on your toes :)

    It sounds like a lot of the little ones at church have caught the bug. Hope you all feel better quickly!


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