Friday, August 21, 2009

Just Call Me the Master of Deception

It worked! I feel so clever and such a master of deception! I must admit, I was rather confident that my kids (and my hubby) would not be fooled. But I was wrong. . .

Earlier this week I tried to get the family to eat cauliflower by breading it with bread crumbs and parmesan cheese and baking it. Served with marinara sauce, it's absolutely delicious in my book. Although the Drama Queen seemed to enjoy it, the boys were not as thrilled and refused to eat it. (Well, hubby ate it but he said it was a "taste he would have to get used to."

So last night I got the remaining cauliflower out of the fridge. This time I boiled it with potatoes and then mashed them altogether. I did not say a word to any of the other family members of this hidden ingredient. EVERYONE ate their cauliflower. And NO ONE knew that they had eaten it! Hubby commented on how much he liked the bleu cheese flavor (I added a little fat-free bleu cheese dressing). Success! I later informed hubby that he had indeed eaten cauliflower, and he was very surprised.

Hmmmm. . . I guess there is something to this hidden ingredients thing. I'm still not convinced that adding beets to brownies is a good idea. My philosophy has always been to leave those brownies alone! :) ha ha

Any other hidden ingredient suggestions? I would love some tips for broccoli and green beans...


  1. We like our veggies "unhidden", so I'm not much help in this area :) But I've heard there's some good books out there on the subject.

  2. Daddy in Law11:24 AM

    Hubby's mom has been doing that for years. Our spagetti sauce had all kinds of things ground up in it that they (in all fairness I'd have to include myself in the they) wouldn't eat. Broccoli, carrots, you name it. It's a good idea.


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