Thursday, August 20, 2009

Working, Weekend, Worshipping Dad

Last year I decided to start a tradition for Father's Day. I dressed the kiddies up in Daddy's clothes and took pictures for him to keep at his office. The Drama Queen wanted to be "Working Dad" - so her getup included Daddy's work clothes, his shoes, laptop case, and pens. Here she is one year ago:
And here she is now. It's fun to see how much they grow!
The Beast was of course "Weekend Dad." He sported one of Daddy's favorite T-shirts, his sneakers, game controller, and cap. Here he is a year ago:
The little guy couldn't even stand up then! And here he is now:
He continued to wear Daddy's Mario hat for the rest of the day. And finally, I had to come up with something for the Spud to wear, as this was his first year participating. And so I give you, "Worshipping Dad":

He was not at all happy to be wearing that shirt or tie, and it was agony to get this picture. :)

Besides the general cuteness of the photos, I wanted to post this today as we are getting ready to celebrate a certain special someone's 29th birthday on Sunday. He is my other half - and puts all of his passion into his family - and in his working, playing, and worshipping. Just this morning, the Drama Queen asked me where her Daddy was. When I reminded her that he was at work already, she said, "Oh right. He is working hard to make money to give to Jesus. And to help our family." (smiles)

And every evening, just about 6:00 pm, you can hear the excited shrieks of "Daddy's home! Daddy's home!" as all three kiddies race to the door to get their hugs in first.

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  1. Very cute idea and pics. And you really can see the difference in how much they've grown in the past year.

    Only 29 huh? Still just a babe (age-wise that is) LOL


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