Thursday, February 19, 2009

Top Pick for Kids and Mommyhood

First of all, I would like to announce that my customized art shop The Framed Frog is being featured as a Top Pick for Kids at A Blog of Goodies!  I was blessed enough to have Karen (the blog's author and author of 3 Garnets and 2 Sapphires) win my giveaway on my other blog The Scrappy Frog.  She and her family really enjoyed the artwork I did for her kiddies, and so she passed along some bloggy love and posted about me and The Framed Frog. :)  Hooray!
And now let me set up a little scenario for you:  The other day I was standing in the doorway of my laundry room, staring at the mountain of laundry that had to be done that day.  Through the haze of my sinus headache and general exhaustion that comes with seasonal allergies, I estimated that I had at least three loads to do.  Funny, since I had just done three loads the day before. . . I moved on to the kitchen and grimaced at the explosive mess there.  Apparently "getting my cereal myself" for Gabi involved spilled milk and scattered bits of princess cereal everywhere.  Not to mention all the dishes my dear husband used to eat breakfast, take his vitamins, and pack a lunch. . . As I glanced into the living room and saw the sea of shiny plastic toys and vast puddles of drool on any object the boys could reach, the baby started screaming.  You know, the "I am NOT going to be happy unless my momma holds me for a good long while" kind of scream.  My daughter was saying something about making it to the potty and only getting her panties a little dirty, and David was perched precariously on a very high, very unstable object.  (Okay, now that you've got this scenario in your head, please read the following article:)

I seriously hope that that letter was a joke!  If the Tacoma reader still has any doubts as to the amount of work a mommy with little ones at home does, I'll gladly change places with her for a day.  No, wait a minute . . . if she doesn't think it's much work, she may not be the best choice to watch my children. . . 
Not complaining though about those incredible blessings that God has given me!  I love each of them beyond words, and I am more than willing to cope with the fact that the housework is never going to be completely done and that they are going to "undo" everything I do during the day.  As long as I get to hold them, and kiss them, and play twenty rounds of Candyland with them . . . (ok, last one's a stretch!)


  1. Ok so that women is crazy , she has to be joking right? Any way I put that pic up just for you,knew you would like it. I love it, it give me an idea of what to start getting and looking for now. I got to go get the stuff to make it now.

  2. Ooh, man, why don't I have time as a mommy? Let's just put it this way. For every spare ounce of time I find, my son finds one more spare ounce of neediness. That's just how the cookie crumbles.

    Congrats on the feature!!

    And, you asked about last night's AI. I was super happy about Danny getting in. I was a little less happy with Alexis Grace. I don't really see her as typical American Idol fare. But then again, she's a mommy to a super cute little girl and that always wins me over. And, ohhh, Michael. I didn't see that coming seein' as he tore up the Gavin DeGraw song. But, he does have that American likability factor going on for him. And, he's from Texas. That should make me proud, huh? Eh ... here's to next week! Wednesday and Thursday! :-)

  3. I remember before our first was born my husband boldly told our neighbors that having kids wasn't going to change us. They tried very hard not to laugh at this serious young man. Now after both my kids have grown-up, gotten married, and moved away, and I think that people who don't have kids cannot comprehend what it mean to be a parent. The unbelieveable work and stress. But not only is it worth it. At the time you hardly notice it. I often think that God lets you forget what child birth was like so we would go on as a specis. He must also give us stregth we never thought we had to get through things we never thought we could do.

  4. I tell my non-kid friends (and even the working-with-kids ones) that while they are at work, I am at home. When they are away, nothing happens in their house. While I'm home, I have kids coloring on places they shouldn't be coloring, yogurt being spilled on a freshly laundered shirt, two dogs that need to come in & out 50 times a day, 3 meals to make per day for 5 people, toilets that are constantly being used, flushed & dirtied...and the list goes on. There is always SOMETHING to do! Insanity. Someone needs to smack that person. Okay...maybe a little harsh...

  5. Okay Jeanette I can tell you that letter writer was serious! People really do wonder that. They have no idea what we do. I have a girlfriend who's kids are 11 and 12 and she works all day. She just told me for the umpteenth time today that she is way more busy than I am and that if I had her life there would be no way I could up. The funny thing was that this afternoon when I stopped in without calling she was curled in a blanket on the couch reading a book. Both her kids were still in school and she was home from work.

    Nobody has a clue how time consuming homeschooling is unless they've done it. Nobody knows how busy a young mother is unless they've been there. I have walked in my friends shoes and its an easy road in comparison. Years ago I had just a 6th grader and worked all day. It was nothing like the time and the hours I put in now.

    But this is not a competition. We are all busy. Somehow though the people who work outside the home just dont get it. This isnt to be mean to them but they prove over and over that they dont understand what it is we do. Im tired of my friend telling me how easy I have it. But theres nothing I can do about it. She will think what she thinks and I cant change it so my only choice is to get along with her and love her anyway and keep my mouth shut when she tells me if I had to put in her day I would collapse. sigh


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