Friday, February 20, 2009

Happiness Amidst Tribulation

Doesn't this little guy look happy?  Can anyone guess why he's sitting there?  If you guessed that he's in time out because he threw his breakfast all over the floor and dumped out his cup of milk too, you're absolutely right! (come on, you all guessed that, right?)

After I disciplined him and then sat him in this chair, he did look completely miserable and penitent.  Of course, bloggy-minded me thought I should get a photo of the repentant little fellow, but as soon as he saw the camera, his eyes lit up and the posing began.  Mischievous little man!

And if I know you all, you're feeling sorry for him and are wanting to give him a big hug.  Resist, I tell you!  That mess was not fun to clean up!

Ok, so I gave him a hug right after the picture was taken. . . he's such a charmer!


  1. LOL That's the reason I have only ONE pic of our time-out corner. They think they're being cute when the camera comes out. It IS a cute pic, though, Jeanette! :)

  2. What a cutie!! It would definitely be difficult to stay upset with a smile like that shining back at ya =)


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