Thursday, December 18, 2008

Boredom Busters

Well, I got hit with the flu bug again.  I am definitely feeling under the weather and so am "taking it easy" today.  Don't worry - "taking it easy" means just doing the stuff that HAS to be done.  The kids are still alive and all is well.  The boys are also struggling with sinus issues and general sickness.  Here's a pic of me and Mikeroni in all our unhealthy glory:
My brain is also tired and weak, but I wanted to post a little about the projects that the kiddies and I have been working on this week.  With the ice and snow, I have had to get a little creative for new things to do.
First, we did a classic - salt dough ornaments.  We rolled them out and baked them on Monday, painted and glittered them on Tuesday, and put hangers on them yesterday.  With this project, I discovered that my hyperactive, can't sit still for one moment son David has incredible focus when it comes to painting.  My favorite that he did is the metallic snowman.  Gabi was more like an assembly line, finishing off on ornament quickly so she could do another.  She is the one responsible for the neon pink and orange seashell.  For an almost-three-year old and 20 month-old, I thought they did pretty well.
The other project we worked on this week was primarily for Gabi and me.  We used my Sizzix diecut machine to cut out pennants and letters to make a birthday banner for Jesus.  It was a great project for Gabi because it helped her in her gluing skills, sorting skills (getting the colors all in a pattern), and letter identifying skills.  It's a tradition in our family to have a birthday party for Jesus every year, complete with birthday decorations and kid-decorated cake.  This project also gave us a chance to talk about why we really celebrate Christmas.

Sorry about all the clutter below the banner.  It will get taken care of - eventually. :)
Anyway, just put down the last kid for her nap.  So it's time for this sick chick to get a nap too!


  1. Love the ornaments. The kids did a great job!

    Sorry you are sick. What a bum time to not feel well.

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  2. thanks mrs. D! so glad you are looking out for me! :)

  3. hey, I want one of those ornaments for my tree!! (hint hint :)

  4. You have more patience than I do. You've inspired me to do some projects with the kids today...maybe. ;)

  5. I LOVE your ornaments! So cool! Salt dough ornaments are the best! I also love that die cut banner. So pretty! You look VERY young in the picture of you and the baby : ).


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