Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fiscally and Physically Fit

I am excited!  No, make that giddy!  Yet humbled at the same time...

I mentioned in a previous post that my hubby and I are tackling our debt and becoming fiscally fit.  The process is making me excited because:
1)  With our plan, all debt except our mortgage will be paid off in 12 to 18 months!
2)  We are actually communicating better as a couple and all the money is on the table. (figuratively speaking of course)
3)  The prospects of having substantial savings for the kids' college tuitions and for future needs (and wants!) are great.

But the process also is humbling.  It even is painful because:
1)  We are having to admit we made some really bad choices with money in the past.
2)  We are having to sacrifice in all areas of our life, cutting down to the bare minimum in order to pay off our debt faster.
3)  We are learning that it is not ethical or right to be living above our means.  We cannot be buying more things when we still owe money for others!
4)  We are learning that the statement "everyone has some debt" is NOT an excuse!
Some tough decisions have to be made.  We have two vehicles but both are debt because they are not paid off.  Most likely we are going to end up selling the Infiniti to snowball the debt payments even faster.  This is especially hard for my husband, who loves cars and really enjoys driving a "nice car."  But we have to learn to WAIT for the nice things in life and not buy them until we can pay for them.  Completely.  With NO monthly payments.

All this work on our financial waist line has inspired me to work on becoming physically fit as well.  That, and the fact that the little guy turned 4 months over the weekend!  Being pregnant three times in the last three years has definitely done my body no favors!  I am at the highest weight I have ever been (outside of pregnancy of course!)  and in terrible physical shape overall.  Yesterday was my first workout in a long time.  It was painful but I am remembering how much I like to work out when I do it on a regular basis.  So here's to staying consistent today and working out again...


  1. You should check out I joined when my youngest was 4 months old & haven't looked back. Very similar situation to yours & I've since lost 40#. It is a great website! I swear, the more I read, the more I think we're living darn near the same life. LOL

  2. You sound like Dave Ramsay... of whom I am a big fan:)

    Good for you work-out wise. My last baby really did me in as well. I worked harder than I ever had before (or sad to say since) at putting myself back in decent form. Of course, come New Years I'll be making a new exercise resolve. I plan to have a secret weapon this time though. Stay tuned..;)

  3. I have to say that being debt free for about five years now that it is indeed wonderful. Not everyone has debt and you are right in seeking that freedom.

    I plan on using the wii fit to help me in the exercise department!


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