Friday, December 19, 2008

Take a Peek - Christmas Tour at My House

Boomama is hosting a lovely Christmas tour of homes.  I have perused several and seen so many beautiful decorations and timeless heirlooms.  I decided to add my little home to the tour.  But beware - although I love graceful garlands and classic Christmas accents, my Christmas decorating style tends to be a little . . .quirky.  And chaotic.  There is no real theme to my STUFF, but I love all of it.  So come take a peek with me at my crazy Christmas things:

Of course, the children are not the decorations here.  I tried paying them to sit as decor with candy canes, but naturally the sugar high caused them to be even more hyper!  They are however eternally fascinated with our stair railing, which is covered in red tinsel garland, shiny candy canes, and red jingle bells.  ( I love red!)
Then here is our miniature nativity scene.  Obviously the kids were playing with it again, but instead of putting everyone in their "proper" places, I decided to let it be.  Although I must sadly say, the camel suffered a small casualty this morning and is recovering from an ear injury in the craft room.
This of course is our Santa Frog.  For those of you that know me, I am a bit obsessed with frogs and all things froggy.  This little fellow will be placed by the plate of cookies we put out for Santa on Christmas eve.
And naturally because we are such great football fans, the football garland holds a place of honor next to our wedding photo.  Fitting, don't you think??
Ahh, more frogs.  This fellow croaks "Jingle Bells" and has a twin at the other end of the valance.  And yes, the lights are chili peppers.  We found them on our honeymoon in Arizona and well, they go nicely with our Southwestern kitchen.  (See, I told you, quirky!)
This is our little Christmas gnome hiding in our kitchen cabinets.  Note the pencil he is holding - he helps Santa make his "Naughty and Nice" list.  Judging by their recent behavior, apparently my children are not intimidated by this little guy.
I am a fan of all things gingerbread and so have a few of these in my kitchen.  Yes, I know they clash with my Southwest decor and I just don't care.
As I mentioned before, I love red, and so I fastened little red velvet bows to the tops of all my curtains.  
Here are our stockings, waiting for sugary sweets and tiny toys.  Chris and I have the gingerbread ones, the reindeer one is Michael's, David claims the snowman one, and Gabi is still attached to her pink "Baby's First Christmas" one.  Note more frogs on the "mantel" - these are my Christmas king and queen frogs.  :)  
This is how the kiddies decorate for Christmas - casually tossing around festive stuffed animals as if they were throw pillows.  I know, I know, another frog - just can't help myself!
Here is our incredibly tacky mini tree, complete with a birthday card that Gabi stuck in it this morning and My Little Ponies underneath.  
Another nativity scene....
This is our tree topper - very shiny and NOT an angel.  I don't know why but I just didn't want an angel on top of my tree.  As usual trying to be different and succeeding...

And of course, we have loads of ornaments on our tree.  Every one of them has significance to use in some way.  I chose to show this one because it represents the state I grew up in, Pennsylvania.  We purchased this one at Hershey Chocolate Factory (also on our honeymoon).  We try to get an ornament for our tree from every place we ever visit.

Well, I hope you enjoyed that sneak peek at my home.  The decorations may be a little crazy, but they are so homey and fun for us.  And someday the kids will tell their children, "It just wouldn't be Christmas without those silly chili pepper lights!"


  1. That little gnome under the counter there is just too cute. My daughter Wendy loved frogs. She collected them too. We even have a CD left here from when she was a kid called Froggy Christmas where all the carols are croaked by frogs! LOL

    And where oh where did you get that John Deere ornament. I would love to have one on the tree.

    I have to say your quirky decorating is a breath of fresh air in all the perfectly manicured homes on the tour. LOL

    Glad you loved my remote!

  2. Hey, I'm from Pa, too. I'm a little far from home right now. But, someday we'll make our way back. (We still own a home there.)
    Thanks for the tour. You home looks great. But, oh my, do you have some cute kids!!!!
    Thanks again for sharing.

  3. What a neat idea - to collect ornaments from places that you visit! I think I will have to do that too!!!
    Have a Blessed CHRISTmas!
    Hugs from Michigan

  4. I like quirky! Thanks for the tour. I try to get ornaments as souveiners too!

  5. Hi:) Hope you're not too iced in out there. The snow is just lovely here, I'm hoping it stays a few more days.

    Like Mrs.D said, you can find fancy decorations everywhere, that's one of the reason's I don't always jump on board these trains. Quirky is good, it shows personality. I bet your kids think your decorations are the greatest anywhere, and that's what it's all about right?

    And I have to add that we have a frog ornament hanging on our tree right now that was given to the Professor by his third grade teacher... I rarely see something froggish at the store without thinking of you, lol. Quess I don't know too many people who decorate in frogs. Though I do have a frog bathroom myself; the shower curtain was just too cute to resist:)

  6. The children are cuties and the best decorations.

    I'm also in PA.

    Merry Christmas!

    I have 25 days of Christmas pictures at

  7. I enjoyed your home tour. I especially liked your header. What cuties. Merry Christmas!

  8. I love it! My favorite ornament is from our honeymoon to Hawaii! It didn't make an appearance on our tree this year b/c it is made of glass...and, well, you know...3 kids! I like the decorating style. "Random" is how I go, as well! LOL

  9. I like how you still have your Mrs. Velveteen Rabbit -- I have my boy one out too. :) :) Remember every year, we would get a different one from Toys'R'Us? I have a little dalmatian too, and Nick the dog (from the year you got Furetta). Good memories.....

    P.S. I see the Starbucks cup!!! We also have one on our tree from last year from YOU -- with a tiny snowglobe on top. :)

  10. I love it : ). My favorite thing is that the kids play with the nativity! I like Mom's like you. Who needs perfectly placed anything? ICK!


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