Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Song of Life

It's 9:00 am, and I am enjoying a rare moment of total quiet.  Gabi and David are still asleep, and Michael is happily watching his yellow bird rattle on his swing.  Laundry, housecleaning, and other projects are calling to me to take advantage of the moment - but I prefer to spend it with a (second) cup of coffee, waffle, and my own thoughts.

Recently I heard the sweetest song on KIDS XM radio.  Usually I try to tune out the kids' music and hope that the most annoying tunes do not get stuck in my head.  This one, however, caught my attention because the DJ was interviewing the artist, Scribble Jim.  Scribble Jim is one of my kids' favorite artists, mostly because he wrote a VERY catchy song about chocolate milk!  Anyway, it turns out he was inspired by that classic children's board game LIFE to write a sweet little love song.  Apparently dozens of couples already have actually had this song played at their weddings!  Here are the lyrics:

"The Song of Life" - by James Dague, sung by Scribble Jim

    Every time that I play LIFE
    I chose you to be my wife
    We ride around in a plastic car
    Tiny pegs are all we are

    It doesn't matter what job I find
    You're always there, you're still my bride
Sometimes I teach, sometimes I write
    A doctor, a lawyer, it's all allright

   "Cause I, love you
    And I, love LIFE.

    We'll buy a house and have some kids
    No more than four or they won't fit
   Our girls are pink, the boys are blue
    Our little girl looks just like you.

    We might be broke or might be rolling in dough
    Where this road leads, I don't know
    It's all a part of playing the game
    I wouldn't have it any other way

    'Cause I, love you
    And I love LIFE

    And on the day of reckoning
    I'll spin the wheel, bet everything,
    it doesn't matter if I win or lose, 
    I always win when I'm with you

    'Cause I love you
     And I love life.

My favorite line is "No more than four or they won't fit" - such a cute sentiment!  

Anyway, I've got the song in my head and have been thinking of the crazy four years that my man and I have been married.  So far it HAS been a life to love, and I am so blessed to be sharing it with a guy that I absolutely adore.  

Hope you're loving life today.

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