Thursday, November 13, 2008

"Bisquetti" Fun and Notes on Gabrielle

So first I have to mention there is this fantastic food photo contest going on in which one can win $500 worth of groceries!  And this frugal mom would LOVE that prize!  So here is the photo I am entering in the contest ----------------------------------------------->

THis is David in typical "bisquetti" mode, although I have to confess that this pic is mild in comparison to some of the food messes this child has made.  We tease David that his blood is part-spaghetti sauce because he loves it so much!   

I also wanted to make note that my oldest child, Gabrielle Sue, is 34 months today.  I cannot believe she is almost three years old!  That age will mark a lot of transitions for her -new classes at church, the start of gymnastics class, playing with toys marked "Ages three and up" (just kidding, had to throw that one in!)  I am happy in many ways that my little girl is growing up.  I know she will be such a great help around the house, and it is exciting to see how fast she is learning to do things!  But I am a little sad too.  She is the being that made me a mother and my only girl.  Sometimes I cannot believe that it was only a couple of years ago that she was a tiny baby.  I adore this child and love her gorgeous face and crazy personality!  Gabrielle is the one that takes such joy in everyday life.  Everything to her is "special" and "wonderful."  Just last night we surprised Gabi and David with new toothbrushes - Dr. Seuss ones at that - and of course Gabi was thrilled.  Even this morning it was all she could talk about - their new special toothbrushes!  And no one cheers louder than Gabi when I accomplish such tasks as using the bathroom or washing the dishes! :)  Because she has such passion in life, Gabi can also be quite emotional and moody at times.  I dread to think what she will be like when she hits puberty!  In this little girl I can recognize so much of myself.  I love you, baby girl!


  1. Jeanette, I didn't know you had a blog! How fun! Thanks for your notes on the stockings...EVen thought last year was technically Seth's first Christmas, getting home from the hospital on the 22nd with a preemie and a sick mommy didn't really afford us much celebrating. This is the year to live it up, I think!

  2. I love the messy boy picture! Gabi sounds like such a sweetheart...she looks just like you!

  3. Great shot - Thanks for your entry!


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