Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This New Thing called Motivation

So, I have been suddenly seized this week with an intense desire to get my home super organized, to be better at daily schedules, and to get my general life in order.  No small task indeed!  I figured that since I was already doing ALL that, I might as well catch up on my blog and begin posting more regularly to it.  :)  We shall see...

Apparently a lot has happened in my life since I last posted.  I am now juggling three small children and the housework, so it is safe to assume that my life has gotten a lot crazier.  Gabi Sue is now almost three years old. Not only is she potty training, but she is also learning to talk back to her mother.  Of course we are encouraging the former and retraining in the latter!  She is constantly amazing me with her life observations and sharp memory.  David is at 19 months a bruiser.  I call him my "chunky monkey" because his is just that - a chubby troublemaker!  Never before have I encountered a child that could get into so much mischief and then try to charm his way out of trouble.  Michael is still figuring out life, as he is only three months old and would love to be constantly attached to his mother.  Life is good!

People always told me that adding number three would be a lot easier than adding number two, but I am not so sure about that.  I only have two arms after all!  Naturally the hardest thing is giving each child the attention they need every day.  Oh that , and keeping them all on the same scehdule!  Right now they are supposed to be napping.  David, bless his little heart, is sound asleep.  Gabi issinging at the top of her lungs some song she must have learned at library storytime, and Michael is crying for his mommy.  

So, gotta go.  I have dinner to make and a baby to soothe.  
- Jeanette

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  1. I didn't know you had a blog, cool! :)

    I think adding the third was the hardest by far. Ironically, Noah was a great baby, but, like you said, you only have two hands!


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