Friday, July 13, 2012

Five Question Friday - We Love to Party

I'm sure Mama M. over at My Little Life has no idea that I've been stalking her blog all these years. I finally decided to join in on Five Question Friday with a post of my own instead of just reading everyone else's.  (That, and I have sixty thousand posts bouncing around in my head and this just seemed easier.)   

1. What's your view on men wearing sandals (yay or nay)? 
     Unless he's at the beach or poolside, I say a big "nay."  Otherwise, I don't want to see his big hairy feet, or worse yet, his athletic-sock-clothed big hairy feet.  Of course, I live in Portland, Oregon, where the men wear sandals year round.  So my view's not that popular here.  Oh well, I'm sticking to my guns on this one.  Tim Gunn, that is...

2. What song do you love but are embarrassed to admit?
     Oh, definitely "We Love to Party" by the Vengaboys.  Every time I hear it, I turn it up and want to go to Six Flags. (remember those commercials with the old man dancing?)  I may or may not try to dance as awesomely as he did. 
3. What summer camp should they make for moms?
     I would hope it would feature five-star hotel suites as accomodations - no lumpy, hard-as-a-rock bunk beds please!  I mean, I envision a lot of sleep happening at this camp; so the beds need to be comfortable!  And that's pretty much it - sleeping camp!  Oh, wait, I want to eat too.  The best thing about this camp would be that I would get to sit down and be served my meals.  First.  And I wouldn't have to cook them.  Awesome sauce.

4. What is the most romantic song? (Not necessarily your favorite or your wedding song...)
      Oooo, this is a hard one.  I think I would pick "At Last" by Etta James.  Although, I do love the extreme cheesiness (and subsequent fond high school memories) of Brian McKnight's "Back at One."  Haha.

5. Do you have an embarrassing pregnancy story?
    Yes.  Technically, it was post-pregnancy, but it involved maternity clothing so I am claiming it as a pregnancy story.  It happened just a couple of months after I gave birth to our third child. The hubs and I were going to a fancy event, but the only formal dress I had that fit was a maternity dress.  It didn't really look like a maternity dress, I reasoned to myself, and the Nerd concurred.  "You look great in it," he said in that absent-minded tone that meant he was just saying whatever he thought I wanted to hear at the time.  We went to the performance and enjoyed ourselves greatly.  One of the featured singers was very obviously pregnant.  When she came out for the second half of the performance, she was wearing the exact same dress that I was.  I wanted to crawl into a hole and hide.  Probably nobody noticed - oh wait, we went with a big group from our church...
But as the Nerd pointed out later, when I finally resorted to speaking to him again, "You obviously have great taste in clothes, babe." 
And that brings us to the weekend, folks!  Have a wonderful day, and don't forget to check out the other blogs linked up for Five Question Friday.  I am especially curious to see how others answer #2  and #4.  (please, please, don't anyone put "My Heart Will Go On"...)


  1. Gotta love Etta - and ATTTTT LASSSSTTT we know we all belt it out with her like we actually have a voice to do that! I am all in for your camp.....Thumbs up to bubby for bumbling his way thru that one!
    Thanks for stopping by - come again - !!

    1. ah yes I always think I'm hitting all the notes just like her. Then reality hits. :)


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