Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Iphone Photo Phun - It's Not Rocket Science

I love Oregon, but apparently spring has decided not to come here this year.  We have had more cold and rainy days than I can count.  This means bored, restless, I-am-going-to-do-something-crazy-if-sunshine-doesn't-appear-soon kids. 
Here's one of our latest favorite indoor activities.  Take a plate and put a couple of drops of dish soap in the center.  Run tap water over the soap to fill the plate and create a few tiny bubbles.  Give you kid a drinking straw and show them how to blow bubbles into the water.  With a little practice, they can blow giant bubbles.
My kids will do this for over an hour.  No joke.  Why do I buy them toys??!!

(linking up with Iphone Photo Phun today)...


  1. Great job finding ways to keep them happy INSIDE!

    Thanks for joining in #iPPP!

  2. Toys are so overrated aren't they?

  3. AWESOME idea. My kids would go crazy for that.


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