Wednesday, April 11, 2012

One Third of One Year

That's the amount of time we have been blessed to have this cutie hanging out with our family. Like her middle name, she surely does bring us a lot of joy! I am in awe some days that God found me worthy to be her mama. And then there are the days in which she screams pretty much all day, and there is no awe, no joy, no wonder at it all. Ha!
At four months old, Little Miss Sprout weighs about 13 1/2 pounds and is one chunky monkey. She is working hard on maintaining that double chin and her adorable squishy thighs by eating all the time and keeping her mama busy. I am pleased to say that I am still nursing her, which feels like a great accomplishment after failing miserably with both boys.

Her favorite activities include eating her fists and her feet, which she discovered a few weeks ago. She also loves watching her siblings play and enjoys beebopping around in her exersaucer. Daddy has discovered that our newest little is very ticklish, and we get such a kick out of hearing her little cackle. The girl never stops moving, I tell you! Even in her sleep, she scrambles all over her crib and ends up snoring on her tummy. And yes, I know it's "Back to Sleep" but what is one to do when her baby automatically flips over onto her tummy every time she is laid down?
Little Sprout definitely looks interested in the food that I serve up to the rest of the family; so perhaps in her five-month report, I'll be sharing all about her reactions to "people food." Until then, she can slow it down a little! I am in no hurry for my baby to get older!

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