Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thirty-Six Weeks

The Baby: She is growing and becoming increasingly more uncomfortable for mommy. :) At an estimated six pounds, she is big enough now for a safe delivery, which means momma no longer has to be on bed rest. Praises! We are all eager to meet her but want her to stay in for a while yet to grow and develop as much as possible.

Me: I am getting a little antsy for sure - all the baby weight is solely in front which puts a tremendous strain on my lower back. Now that the bed rest has been lifted, the nesting instincts have kicked in and I have been cleaning like a mad woman. My back is not thanking me for that! I went in to see my doctor a few days ago and was tested for the group B strep. Today I got the call that I did indeed test positive so I will have to be on antibiotics during the labor and delivery process. In my doctor's words, "Now we just wait for the labor to start - it could be tomorrow, or it could be another couple of weeks."

The Siblings: Unfortunately, I was not able to get a babysitter for this last doctor's appointment; and all three kiddos got to come along with me. That prompted a lot of questions about how the baby gets out of mommy, etc. I did my best to answer the questions without giving out too much information. I heard the Drama Queen explaining to the Beast today that "when the baby is ready to come, Mommy's body will know and will know how to get it out safely." Nice work, kiddo.

This is definitely the hardest time of pregnancy. It's hard to focus on other things besides the upcoming arrival of Little Sprout. But we are excited, knowing that she will be coming soon. And then we'll be a family of six! Amazing!

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