Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Twenty-Six Weeks

(posing here with the baby of the family. Poor little guy will not get to hold that title much longer!)

The Baby: Little Sprout is growing more and more, measuring the length of an English hothouse cucumber and weighing close to two pounds now. She is quite the gymnast, turning somersault after somersault and moving in ways that make her momma very uncomfortable. She can also definitely hear my voice now as well as the Nerd's - by the time she is born she will be well-versed in computer technology and the family budget. :)

Me: I am doing well, although the little girl certainly likes to keep me up at night. There are nights when I feel as if I don't sleep at all, and other nights when I drop off to sleep at 9:30 pm and sleep soundly into the morning. Those are the nights I have very vivid dreams of the baby. I am starting to feel huge - everything is tighter and more awkward to wear.

The Siblings: The other day we visited the dollar store to pick up some things, and the Beast asked if he could spend his dollar on something for his "little baby sister." That definitely made me smile. The Spud got to feel the baby kicking today. He kept giggling and shouting, "Do it again momma! That funny thing with your tummy!"

The Plans: Last weekend, our church held their annual parking lot sale. I went and walked around in the 90-degree heat for a little while. I spotted a cute jungle animal fold-up baby swing at one of the booths and managed to snag it for $5! The same vendor also sold me a box of baby girl clothes - $3 for the box! I barely glanced through the box, figuring that $3 was an awesome deal no matter what was in there. Later I went through all the contents of the box and was surprised to discover adorable outfits from Children's Place, Baby Gap, and Gymboree. There was even the cutest tiny swimsuit and matching hats for some of the outfits. While we were out at the coast a couple of weekends ago, Grandma Myrna gave me a whole pile of scrap fabric to use to make bibs and burp cloths and the like. So far I have managed to make three bibs using an easy tutorial and pattern - and they are reversible! I will share pics of the cute things in a future post.

Tomorrow I get to do the whole glucola test and waddle around in the doctor's office. It should be fun. Then I get to go to the store and buy some - ahem - larger undergarments. Also fun.

Who am I kidding?

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  1. I'm glad you found some great deals at the garage sale!

    It's fun making the excitement of a new baby a family affair; I miss those days just a tad bit. You are definitely going to busier soon! Hard to imagine, right?


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