Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Iphone Photo Phun - Don't Be Fooled

Taming Insanity

I am making the switch from Wordless Wednesday to Iphone Photo Phun, hosted by Taming Insanity. (No there are no coincidences in the fact that we both have the term insanity in our blog names and we both are currently preggo!) This is much more fun because let's face it - I ALWAYS have my life, er Iphone, with me and thus record a lot more of our family's shenanigans with it than my beautiful, expensive, large-and-doesn't-fit-well-into-any-purse-I-have DSLR camera.
We went to the coast a couple of weekends ago to visit grandparents. The Drama Queen rejoiced in the sand beneath her bare feet.
The boys bravely took to the water, which was body-numbing cold.
I took this self-portrait when I got bored of watching the kids do the same old cute things. Don't be jealous if you can't get that same wind-in-your-hair look. For some of us, it just comes naturally. . .
We enjoyed hamburgers at the Nerd's company picnic on Saturday. Never mind that the hamburgers were larger than the Spud's head.
Here is a shot of the "Chair Lift of Terror" I talked about in my previous post. How I had the presence of mind to ever pull out my Iphone and get this picture will forever be a mystery.
The kiddies got to drive around on mini-go-carts. The poor Drama Queen crashed into the siderail at every turn, hitting the gas instead of the brake. She is destined to be as great a driver as her mother. (and by the way, the Nerd gets to teach her how to drive when she turns sixteen. I'm not getting in the same vehicle as her when she starts driving!)
Here's a photo in which I tried to persuade the kids to pose sweetly together in front of Mt. Hood. yeah, don't come to this blog if you're looking for stunning family photography.
Free pony rides!

The Spud was a pro - "Mom, I don't need you! I can do this myself!"

And that was our week or so in Iphone photos. Of course I didn't take photos of the Spud stealing cheese from the fridge and placing several bitemarks in said cheese before returning it to the fridge. I also did not choose to capture a photo of the boys shredding a wet diaper and then strewing it all over the living room. Nor did I wish to record in picture form the memory of the boys smearing glue stick all over the living room furniture. Just in case you were fooled by the photos above and thought we were a "normal" family. . .


  1. Love the beach pictures. Pure magic.

  2. Wow. That first picture at the beach is amazing. You need to put that on your wall. At home...(not just FB). :)

  3. Love the photos! Looks like so much fun.

    And thanks for proving that it's not all fun and games, with the photos you COULD HAVE shared!

  4. Also, I'm so in love with your blog's background!!

  5. Haha..we know you're not normal Jeanette. And just WHO wants to be?

    Love the pics..and I agree that the first one is especially awesome!

  6. Such great pictures! I love the first one especially. You should have it framed.

  7. I want to race a go-cart! Those are always so fun!

  8. Your iPhone photos are better than my DSLR pics. :)

    Looks like you guys enjoyed a beautiful week!

  9. Looks like such a fun time! Now I have to go read about the chair lift of terror...haha..

  10. That chair lift of terror certainly LOOKS pretty.

    And as far as I'm concerned, you can totally link up to iPPP AND Wordless Wednesday with one post. Whatever floats your boat my preggo pal.

  11. So cute!!
    That hamburger is HUGE!!!


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