Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Twenty-Four Weeks

(my, the time is just flying by!)

The Baby: Little Sprout is the length of an ear of corn now and weighing over a whole pound. That means she gained about four ounces in the past week! (we will not discuss how much weight her mother put on in the past week). Her brain and lungs are continuing to develop and get stronger. This child is not really a kicker as much as she is a roller. At night, it feels like all she does is roll back and forth in my tummy. I can actually see her movement because it is so intense. Something tells me this little girl is going to come out rarin' to go!

Me: Just where did all that second trimester energy go? I have felt more tired in the last few days than I have in a long time. On Sunday, I made the mistake of wearing heels with ankle straps to church. I worked in children's church - meaning a lot of standing - and by the time we got home, my ankles were so swollen that the Nerd had to help me get the shoes off my feet. Today, my wonderful mother-in-law came over for a few hours to help out and cleaned house while watching the kiddos so I could get in a glorious nap.

Siblings: The Beast has been "practicing" putting a diaper on his Elmo doll so that he will be ready to help out with his little sister. :)

The Plans: I scored some more diapers for Little Sprout with an awesome deal I found on Yesterday a tiny crocheted hat with interchangeable flowers arrived from Cute Kid Couture for the little one. She is going to be one stylin' little girl! Also, I finally finished my reversible nursing cover.(tutorial here) It was the most complicated sewing project I've taken on in a while, but I love the results!
There is boning in the top seam of the cover so I can still peek at baby and make any adjustments if necessary.
Its reversibility will help me not get bored, but more importantly, I will always have a clean side to use! :)

All these baby projects are getting me pretty excited about the arrival of Little Sprout. We still have a few months yet, and in just a week I will be busy with the start of school.

Hmmm. . .I do have a little of these pretty fabrics left. Something tells me Little Sprout is going to get a matching hair bow!

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