Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Twenty-Five Weeks

(sure hope you all are enjoying the view of our cracked bathroom mirror each week. classy)

The Baby: According to Babycenter, Little Sprout now weighs about a pound and a half. To demonstrate this weight, they use the comparison of a rutabaga. Oh yeah. I just was making something with rutabagas yesterday - so I totally get the comparison. Anyway, her skin is starting to smooth out, and if she will have any, her hair is growing too! All three of my other younguns were born with quite a bit of blonde hair; I think it's safe to say that Little Sprout will do the same. Unless she decides to be a redhead. There is a possibility of that.

Me: I certainly do not want to whine and complain, as this has been the "easiest" pregnancy I've had so far. However, this week was a bit tough with pregnancy migraines hitting me over the weekend and confining me to my bedroom for a solid day. Thankfully I have a wonderful husband who took care of the kiddos and my children's church responsibilities and pretty much everything I normally do so that I could take that time to "sleep it off." Then, apparently summer finally decided to make an appearance here in western Oregon. The past few days, the temperatures have been in the nineties, which makes sleeping at night a little uncomfortable. We don't have any air conditioning in our bedroom downstairs - just a fan that blows all those wonderful allergens right to me. The living room does have an air conditioner - so I am claiming that as my bedroom tonight.

The Siblings: It is becoming increasingly harder for the kids to sit in my lap for story time or "ow I just got a boo-boo" time. The Spud especially is not happy about sharing his favorite place with this unknown sister of his and sometimes will stalk off in a huff when I ask him to sit next to me instead of on my lap as usual. The Drama Queen has been most aware of Momma's limitations lately and will remind me that I should probably not get on the floor to play with the kids cuz remember how hard it was to get up last time?!

The Plans: Nothing new. I am trying to get everything ready for homeschooling the Drama Queen this year; so that has been occupying most of my planning time.

Next week I get to go in and take the glucola test. Oh joy to my soul! And the weeks just keep marching along. . .

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