Saturday, August 06, 2011

Thinking Back

A year ago, I was blessed to take my daughter on a fun mommy/daughter trip all the way to Ontario, Canada, to visit my sister, her husband, and her new baby girl for two weeks.
We snuggled up on the airplane while the Drama Queen talked about anything and everything . And I got to listen - and revel in this time I had to devote to just one child. I had no idea that within a year she would no longer be my "only daughter." It makes me doubly glad we splurged a little to take this special trip - just me and my girl.

The time I got to spend with my tiny baby niece and the time that my daughter got to spend with her tiny baby cousin was priceless. It makes me excited to see her interact and bond with her baby sister in just a few months.

The relationship of a mother and her daughter is so precious. For a long time now, it has just been the Drama Queen and I, holding our own in a house of boys. Although we are extremely excited for the arrival of Little Sprout, I want to treasure these last moments of "just me and her" before we add another girl to the mix. This past Thursday night I surprised her and took her to Movie in the Park for a mommy/daughter date, armed with homebaked chocolate chip cookies and a warm blanket.

Here's hoping for many more sweet moments like these!


  1. awwwww yay for mommies and daughters!! That was a fun trip, look how tiny D was.....makes me a little sad...

  2. Love your site! I am having fun reading others posts and thoughts. I am a busy mom with 8 kids and I just started the blog experience. My blog I completely relate to your blogs title :)


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