Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Doughn't Knock It

until you've tried it!

On my "spend-more-time-with-the-kids-and-less-time-on-the-computer" agenda was the making of homemade playdough. The kids enjoyed adding all the ingredients to my mixer and watching the playdough form. Due to laziness and a great desire to see no fighting over colors, I decided to make all the playdough green. Hey, they mix the colors anyway, right? We spent hours making creations from our homemade concoction. I think it was a bit dry and salty in texture, but it worked well enough that I will just tweak it a little the next time I make it.
Despite several pieces of playdough that ended up ground into the carpet, I completely reveled in the time with my creative little people. These carefree, easy playtimes won't be around forever.

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