Thursday, May 12, 2011

Nine Weeks

So. It's been officially announced now and only the johnny-come-latelys are asking, "Oh are you pregnant? I had no idea?" For me, it's a huge relief to not have to cover up the growing belly with baggy clothes or pretend that I am fine when in reality I feel like puking all over you. :) And, of course, it was even harder to hide the excitement and joy we were feeling!

We were able to use Mothers Day to tell my mom and mother-in-law. We gave them each a big collage picture frame with five photo openings. One contained a picture of Chris and I, three more contained a picture of each darling child, and the last opening simply said "Coming in December 2011."

The Baby: Is currently the size of a grape and is about an inch long. This information is proudly shared by the Drama Queen with whomever she encounters. As far as we know, there's just one in there!

Me: "Morning sickness" hits about lunch time and doesn't let up until the evening. Super strong ginger beer, ginger chews, and sour candy have all been helpful for this. I miss my morning coffee a lot, but have found that some caffeinated teas are okay. I am also super tired and have been trying to sneak little naps in here or there.

The Belly: Is sticking out already. I guess that happens when it's kid #4. The kids kiss it every day and say "good morning, baby." The Beast also likes to lift up my shirt to check if the baby is ready to come out yet. haha

The Siblings: I told the Spud first - it was a little secret that he and I shared for a while. He would point to my belly and whisper, "Baby!" It was and is still so adorable. The Beast is REALLY excited. He loves babies and is fascinated by the fact that there is actually a baby inside me. The facts are what interest the Drama Queen the most - the baby's size, does it have arms and legs yet, etc. She is also fervently praying for a girl. We'll see!

and them there's the facts, folks. The (sort-of) due date is December 11, 2011 - but a dating ultrasound in June will be able to pinpoint it a little better.

happy times!


  1. Awww, so sweet how your kids are reacting to the news! Love baby updates-I'm still doing monthly ones for my youngest!

  2. Congrats, Friend, on the exciting news. How sweet are your kids reactions?! Love it!

  3. sooooo,, never really thought we might actually be pregnant at the same time!!! :) :) Now if only we lived in the same area, let alone the same country. :) :)


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