Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bathroom Reading - Volume Two

How about catching up on a week with the temporarily insane (that's me, the Nerd, and the kiddos) in a concise, easy-to-read list? Perfect for bathroom reading - that is, if you trust your electronic device near the many hazards of the bathroom. I personally consider my Iphone a necessary item to take when headed to the bathroom facilities. It's a convenient place to catch up on Facebook, read a few blog entries, answer an email, etc. Of course, I have to pretend that there aren't little fingers reaching under the bathroom door while loud childish voices clamor for my attention. "Watcha doin' in there, Momma?" "I need you now, Momma!" "Are you poopin' so you can get a lollipop?"

1. The fourth (and hopefully final!) family member to get the stomach flu last week was the Drama Queen. Somehow all the germs have skipped me, and for that I am eternally grateful.

2. I apparently was in quite the baking mood last week. On Tuesday we had fresh bread (three loaves), and on Friday I made cake mix brownies and tried baking homemade granola bars for the first time.

3. Did you know that homemade bread makes the best French toast? It does - so so good!

4. A cherry Pepsi can committed suicide off the top of our fridge last week. It jumped right out of the carton, hit the floor with a crash, and began spraying soda everywhere. It didn't even leave a note.

5. The Nerd spent part of his weekend wiring up the old minivan for individual sets of headphones for the kids. This means that when they watch a movie on the DVD player or listen to their kid music, we don't have to! We can enjoy our own music! This will be especially beneficial for our long road trip coming up soon.

6. We thoroughly enjoyed a picnic/birthday party with friends yesterday in the (amazingly) nice weather. We welcomed summer with grilled hot dogs, salads, chips, and birthday cake of course; and the kids raced around getting as dirty as possible. We concluded our time with roasting marshmallows over the fire ( in which this Momma had a minor heart attack watching the littles get entirely too close to the fire!) Apparently we are raising a couple of pyros.

And that's it for this week! :) have a wonderful day and watch out for flying soda cans!

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  1. "Didn't even leave a note" LOL! I think all kids have a little pyro in them...


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