Friday, March 11, 2011

They're Playing Our Song

When our sweet Drama Queen was a newborn, she had trouble getting to sleep at night unless Momma sang to her. She exhausted my (actually pretty extensive) song supply, but her favorite was my rendition of "K-K-K-Katie." Of course, we substituted her name in for the "Katie" part, and as time went on, it became "her song."

The Beast loves music as well. Very early on, it became apparent that his song would be "You Are the Sunshine of My Life." I cannot count how many times I sang (and still sing!) that song just to get him to give me one of his priceless smiles.

When the Spud arrived, we knew that sweet and sappy love songs were not for him. It took us a little longer to find just the right song for him. One day, "Macaroni and Cheese" by Bill Harley came on over the kids' satellite radio station. Since we call him our "Mikeroni and Cheese", the song was a perfect fit!

Lately, we have been tailoring certain songs to fit our family. The kids are overjoyed every time we manage to fit their name into a song - it makes them feel special. As I was changing the Spud's diaper a few weeks ago, I belted out "My Girl" for his listening pleasure, singing "Michael" in place of "my girl" every time it appears in the song. The Beast immediately latched onto this song and asks for me to sing it all the time - of course, he wants his name in it though. "Sing the Sunshine David song!" he will beg. And many times, he will break out with his own rendition of the song. Each time, I think how adorable it is and run to get the video camera to capture his song stylings for memory's sake. Only, he finishes before I can press the record button or flatly refuses to sing once he sees the camera.

On Wednesday, he began singing it in the van as we drove home from taking the Drama Queen to school. "Wait buddy!" I shouted. At the next stoplight, I got out my I-phone and held it behind me. "Okay, sing it now" I instructed, pressing the record button. And he did, singing it for his girl (which he has never done before.) So here it is, for posterity. I apologize for the general quality - but hey I was driving at the time. :)

oh how I love my little man!


  1. Bummer. My workplace has decided that this video is too risque for me.

    My son is in love with the Christmas song, "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas".
    I have not figured out how to incorporate his name.

  2. found your blog from Pink Slippers. Wanted to say Hi!


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