Thursday, November 11, 2010

Froggy Feature Friday #1

As most of you know, I own an etsy shop called The Framed Frog in which I sell my customized nursery artwork, photo frames, memo boards, custom name trains, wall art, and signs. I realized that although my blog is mainly about my family and the crazy mishaps we find ourselves in on a regular basis, I need to include more about my other passion - my art.

So every Friday, I am going to feature something that either I made for a customer or something new for the shop. Every artist likes to show off a little, right? :)

So here's a set of custom frames I did for a bride to give as gifts to her ring bearers and flower girls. These have actually been quite popular this fall - I guess brides are attracted to the vintage children silhouettes and the custom wedding color matching.
This bride's evening wedding is featuring bold red, black, and white as the color scheme. With two ring bearers and two flower girls, she wanted to make sure that each child had a unique frame.
This was the first time I have done frames for flower girls; so I came up with the silhouettes of a dancing little girl, a toy tea set, a girl chasing balloons, and a rocking horse for the frames.
On the other hand, I have done many ring bearer frames, and the drummer boy, sailboat, tricycle, and boy chasing a ball are pretty popular.
It's nice to think that each child now has a special keepsake from the wedding that will last for a long time.

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