Thursday, November 11, 2010

According to the Drama Queen

My daughter has some wonderful insight on life. She very frequently will bring up a theological topic, and it is so interesting to hear a young, innocent little girl's view on God and His care and love for us.
The other day, I had just picked her up from school and was driving her and the crew to go see Grandma.
"Momma, " she said, "are we really going to see Grandma?"

"Yes, sweetheart, " I replied. "I promised we would, and she's going to have lunch with us."

"Oh, good," she said. Then looking thoughtful, she stated: "Grandma is sure an old woman, huh?"

"Um, honey, I'm not sure that's exactly what I would say," I faltered.

"Well, yeah, she is, but it's okay to say it. 'Old' is a kind word, but 'fat' is not."

"It's probably better not to say 'old' or 'fat' at all, honey."

"Oh." She sat silent for a minute. "Hey, Momma, you know about that Devil guy?"

"Yes, have you been talking about him in school, honey?"

"Yep. Did you know that the Devil does four things?" she inquired.

Hmmm. This sounded interesting. "What four things are you talking about?"

"Well, he does bad things, he calls people fat, he calls people stupid, and he tells people to shut up. Those are such bad bad things, Momma."

I agreed with her and then pondered her answer for a moment. How sweet and innocent she was - to her, the most horrible and gravest sins in life were calling people names and saying "shut up." I wish I could keep that part of her oblivious to the darker sides of life forever.

Oh, and then not five minutes later she told her brother to shut up. Soft, warm, fuzzy moment was officially over!

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