Monday, September 27, 2010

And Then...

6:00 am - Get up, make some coffee, get dressed, and make sure all backpacks, coats, and shoes are in order.
6:45 am - Rouse the Drama Queen, who is NOT a morning person, dress her in her school uniform, and try to coerce her to eat some breakfast.
7:00 am - Allow the Spud and Beast to come out of their rooms, get them settled with breakfast, and then dress the little fiends.
7:30 am - March the kiddos and all their appropriate gear out the door and proceed to buckle them into their five-point harness car seats.
7:40 am - Pick up a teenager that carpools with us to school and drive to school, occasionally making a stop at McDonalds for a mocha frappe for the teenager.
8:00 am - Drop the teenager and the Drama Queen off at school and then park the van. Unload the remaining gremlins and check them into the school daycare.
8:00 am - Get set up for class and attend teachers' meeting. Teach Spanish to the 7th/8th graders.
9:15 am - Finish up class and go pick up the boys from daycare. Once again do the car seat thing.
9:30 am - Arrive at the gym, unload the boys from the van and drop them off at the gym child care. Go work out! woohoo!
10:30 am - Sweating profusely, pick up the boys and bribe them with a granola bar to get to the van quickly. again with the car seat process...
10:40 am - Arrive home, get the boys in front of a short DVD while I take a quick shower. Spend some time playing with the boys and picking up around the house.
11:40 am - Load the boys back into the van and drive back to school to pick up the Drama Queen. Head home for lunch.
12:15 pm - Make lunch for the kids and eat. (quickly!)
12:45 pm - Load all offspring into the van again and drive The Beast to his special preschool.
1:00 pm - Go back home and do laundry, dishes, lesson plans, whatever needs to be done.
2:00 pm - Grab the kiddos and head out to pick up one of the Drama Queen's friends that stays at our house after her school is out.
2:30 pm - Take the kids to a playground or library, depending on the weather.
3:30 pm - Pick up The Beast from his preschool and head home. Get the boys settled for "rest time" (naptime is a rarity anymore) and the girls doing a quiet activity. Take a deep breath, finish housework, and start making dinner.
5:00 pm - After the Drama Queen's friend gets picked up, get dinner on the table and feed the family. After which, the evening activities of dishes, kitchen clean-up, baths for the kiddos, bedtime stories, picking out of outfits for the next day, vacuuming, etc. will commence. Any remaining time is to be used for catching up on emails and doing some projects for The Framed Frog.

You didn't really read all of that, did you? Well, if you did, stop and take a deep breath. That's what I have to do when I realize how busy my schedule is! I love it - the constant motion, the going here and there - but it is definitely the reason I have been lax in my blogging the last few weeks. I haven't yet figured out a good spot to fit in blogging.
But, don't worry - I enjoy blogging too much to stop! I'll figure out a way to keep it going. Plus, there are so many bloggable moments these days, and I don't want to miss out on any of them. :)

Thanks for hanging in there with me!
9:30 am -

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  1. You rock! And the carseats. OH THE CARSEATS! Luckily, my boys are both big enough for booster seats now, but you know they can't do it themselves! You're doing great, J!


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