Thursday, July 29, 2010

the simple stuff VBS style

Four-year-olds are awesome! They don't need a lot to impress them - they are happy with little surprises and average, everyday things.

Take this week for example. The Drama Queen has been attending Salvation Safari (VBS) every evening and having a blast. It is her first time going to VBS, and here are just some of the things that make her excited almost beyond words (but let's face it, the Drama Queen is rarely out of words!)
1. She got a special VBS T-shirt the first night that she is to wear the rest of the week. She wanted to wear it to bed that night!
2. She loves her name tag even more than her shirt! Apparently there is something importantish about having your own name tag.
3. Her group name is the Marvelous Monkeys. According to the Drama Queen, that is the best team name ever - you just have to mention the word monkeys and she's in cheerleader mode.
4. There have been candy and toy prizes for good little girls and boys that stay quietly in their seats. Obviously these treats become much more special when they come from a TEENAGER. (that word is spoken in awe by the Drama Queen)
5. If you are too scared to go on the very tall inflatable slide during activity time, a nice lady lets you play with play-dough. The whole time!
6. The teachers wear funny costumes and are so nice to teach a new Bible verse every night (the Drama Queen's words, not mine)
7. She loves the puppets, and Momma is the coolest mom in the world because she is Safari Sam! (one of the puppets)

I am so glad that she is having a great time and learning so much. There are many more VBS's in her future, but this one, her first one, is special.

And let's hope that Safari Sam doesn't lose his place or forget what he was going to say because a certain momma is busy peeking out to see her daughter's reactions to all the fun and excitement. :)


  1. Anonymous9:47 AM

    Wish I could be there, too, to see her reactions! Our VBS starts on August 9. Love you, Mom

  2. So cute! I love to hear kids' take on activities. Sometimes I wish we had those one way mirrors in our nursery so I could just observe! Kids are so funny!!!


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