Thursday, July 29, 2010

Found It Friday - Water

I cannot believe that it is Friday already! I must confess, I had to do some scrambling to get my Found It Friday post ready, as puppeteering and painting have taken up most of my week.
For those new to Found It Friday, I'd love for you to come in and join in on the fun! Read here on how to get involved and please link up up your Found It Friday post below. (And really, please please please link up! I would like to really get this meme going!)

Our theme for inspiration this week is water, so here goes:
1. Since it's summertime, I thought I would include something showing water in its solid form. You can get ice cube trays in just about any shape. I think this Tetris ice cube tray is genius and would be a perfect party conversation starter! (ice cube tray by ThinkGeek)
2. Even something as simple as water can inspire fantastic works of art. I was captivated by this pixelated street art piece and had to share it! (artwork from WebEcoist)

3. Apparently you can also make art with nothing but water and a smooth surface. Somebody with much more talent and a much steadier hand made these ultra-cute water pictures. (simple water art by dunn of my interesting files)
4. Nutrition experts say we should drink at least eight glasses of water a day. But let's face it - water is boring and not nearly as fun to drink as soda or iced tea! Flavored water can help, but it can get expensive too. I found an interesting article on how to make your own flavored water, even using chocolate syrup, jell-o mix, or coffee flavor syrups. (full article by Kristie Leong at Lifestyle)

5. Just had to include one of my favorite activities with the kiddos. Give them some old paint brushes, a few buckets of water, and let them "paint" away outside. My kiddos have painted sidewalks, driveways, railings, tires, and more with this extremely inexpensive activity. It dries, and then they start all over! I couldn't find a pic of my kiddos painting with water, so I (ahem!) borrowed this one from QuatroMama to illustrate my point. (check out her blog, folks, it's inspiring and a great read!)
So link up folks with your water-themed posts!

and next week's theme will be: stars.

Thanks for participating!


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