Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Bitten!

this is the wild child. getting wilder every day.
please note the lovely bite mark on his cheek.
apparently his brother has vampirish tendencies.

more wordless fun at 5 Minutes for Mom...
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  1. OOoooh my goodness! That face on his just calls to me! I want to smoosh it! LOL That's a great pic, bite mark and all. Gotta love boys. ;)

  2. Ow bless his heart!!

  3. owie.

    I remember when my daughter {now 14} was about 2....she bit her brother on the back. eeeekers.

    I tell her about it now, and she laughs. {of course}

  4. Oh no! That's one big bite! Hope he was okay!


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