Sunday, May 30, 2010


I finally got the family picture wall all set up in the living room. I picked my favorite candid shots of the kiddies for their own portraits in the center, around the word "Family." On the far ends of this picture, the collage frames hold shots of the little rascals at the playground and at the beach. I chose to put the long frame with pictures of all the far-away relatives on the bottom, where the little ones can reach it and point to their Grammy and Pop and Uncle Andy and so on. And see those small bright paintings at the top?
After getting all the photos up, i still felt something was missing. After reading my Bible that morning, I was reminded again of some verses that have really meant a lot to me lately. And now those verses grace our wall as well, as a daily gentle reminder to TRUST HIM and

I love having all my pictures up - our living room finally feels like a family room. And that is a great feeling!

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