Sunday, February 07, 2010


Hey, y'all! It's time again for a little more Getting to Know You, courtesy of Mannland5. I'm sitting here with my nose running like a faucet, the sinus pressure blocked up to HERE, and all alone. :( I have discovered that watching the Super Bowl solo is not all that fun!
But in case you didn't know:

1. How many piercings do you have?
Technically, I have two piercings in each ear, although the second hole in each is pretty much closed up due to my laziness. I don't need any other holes in my body, thanks. I have enough trouble with the ones I have. :)

2. I love the sound of.....?
my kiddos enthusiastically reciting their favorite Bible verses and making up their own versions of songs. oh, that and the sound of the Spud's giggling when he's tickled. And, the coffee percolating in the morning. hm, lots of sounds I love...

3. Favorite city?
Portland, OR. I have completely embraced this new city in my life. Lots of art, fun places, interesting people, great architecture, and Voodoo Donuts.

4. Colts, Saints, or could care less?
Sorry, Dad, I like the Colts, but today I'm rooting for the underdog. It would be great to see Brees lead the Saints to victory!

5. Frozen yogurt or ice cream?
Please give me the fattening stuff - ice cream! If you share Tillamook Udderly Chocolate or Mint Chocolate Chip with me, you will automatically become my new best friend.

6. Favorite appetizer?
Chips and salsa from Chevy's. Pretty sure I could make a meal out of them. I could also just eat the salsa sans chips. Mad good!

7. What item in your closet currently makes you the happiest?
Hmm. I really like my chocolate brown shirtdress. That, or maybe my new robins egg blue super soft sweater.

8.Favorite facial moisturizer?
I don't have a favorite. Is it bad that I don't really use facial moisturizer? I love lotion though - current favorite is Drenched in Pink: Fresh and Clean from Victoria's Secret.

Woot! Just saw the Saints score their first touchdown!


  1. Sorry to hear you're not feeling well!

    I have 3 holes in my left ear and 2 in my right (goofy teenager thing), but I would be hard pressed to get ANY earrings in any of them now.

    Hope you are feeling better soon!

  2. Chips and Salsa! That is what I put too!

  3. I loved your answers and your blog is just lovely!

    I am a new follower because of Keelys game here and I hope that you will come by and follow back. It is nice to meet you. Juliana from A Blonde Walks Into A Blog


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