Friday, February 05, 2010

The Framed Frog Anniversary

One year ago today I launched my Etsy shop - The Framed Frog.
It allowed me to unleash my creative potential.
I found myself inspired by my crazy little ones and the beautiful state of Oregon.
I learned to focus on details and make unique custom items that customers could not get anywhere else.

I am so happy to be doing something I love while still staying home with my kiddies.
I had 93 sales in my first year! I can't wait to see what The Framed Frog has in its future. . .


  1. Im wishing you all the best in your Etsy adventures!

  2. By the way I cant leave here without saying how much I loved all these pics of you! You're hilarious!

  3. 我是天山,等待一輪明月。.........................

  4. Very cool! Happy Anniversary! I wish you even better sales in 2010!

  5. You've been nominated (see my blog for details).



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