Friday, January 15, 2010

My New Favorite Place

Recently, I was able to purchase a great little art desk at Michaels for only $50. It featured a large desk top that could be tilted at several different angles to be used as an easel. It also had a small set of drawers on one side, a stool, and a wire rack on the other side for holding projects.

I brought it home, excited to finally have something that would really help me with my Framed Frog projects. With my incessant pleading, the Nerd stopped what he was doing to put together my new desk. He wasn't as thrilled as I was. "You need some lighting for this desk, " he pointed out. "Also, where are you going to put your glue gun? And what about paint brushes and paints when the desk top is tilted?"

And thus, the Nerd took it upon himself to pimp out my new art desk, and here are the results:
You will see that he got me two bright desk lamps at Ikea and installed them on the back of my desk. He also put the nifty paint pots/supplies drawers on the wire rack for my paints.
Underneath the desk, he attached a power strip that would be useful for plugging in my glue gun and of course the new lamps.
On the opposite side of the desk, he screwed on a towel bar (also from Ikea, love that place!) and hung some plastic bins for paint brushes, pens, scissors, ribbon, whatever I'm using at the moment. My glue gun also perches nicely on this bar when the desktop is tilted.
Yep, this is my new favorite place in the house. Let the creating begin!

And speaking of creating, I just posted a new tutorial over at The Scrappy Frog. Head on over to learn how to make a felt pop tart cozy for your Iphone or Ipod. :)


  1. I love this, and the Nerd's "jerry-rigging" looks wonderful! He did a great job. You're an excellent creative team, that's for sure!

  2. Anonymous2:31 AM

    我喜歡用心經營的blog~ ^^........................................


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