Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Birthday Cake Round-Up - WALL-E

Jessica at Life as Mom is hosting her wonderful Birthday Cake Round-Up again, and I am excited to participate. As a challenge, she made a Dave Ramsey themed cake, which I absolutely love. We are currently in the midst of attending Financial Peace University ourselves and are learning the value of using those cash envelopes!:)

I recently did a WALL-E cake for the Drama Queen's birthday:
Her favorite movie character was created from a 9x13 cake, cut into pieces using the diagram below. I frosted the yellow body first and then added the other parts. The treads were iced in dark gray and were textured with a fork. The arms and head were iced in light gray and the white screen with the birthday message was added last.
And here is my sandcastle cake, made especially for the Spud's first birthday.

The sandcastle cake is made of one 9"round cake and one square cake. The round cake was iced in blue and decorated with gummy fish. The square cake was decorated with light cocoa frosting and topped with ice cream cones, also covered in the light cocoa frosting. I sprinkled the whole cake with vanilla wafer crumbs and added molded chocolate shells. The Spud got his very own special cake - pieces of cake and applesauce layered in a beach pail and topped with the vanilla wafer crumbs and shells. He dug it right out of the pail with his shovel! :)

Go on, check out the fun cakes at Life as Mom, and post some of your own. (Psst - she's doing a giveaway this time!)


  1. Those are so cute! Love them!

  2. YOu are SO CREATIVE! We didn't have a digital camera back in the day when my kiddos were little, but I have scrapbooked their cakes - I did one cool 3-d Volcano cake where it looked like a mountain and I melted red suckers into blobs on tinfoil, peeled it off after it hardened and stuck it into the "spout" so it looked like lava erupting - pretty cool.

    The sandcastle one you made is really, really cool. I could still do that one for a teenie-bopper girl of mine... :) THanks for sharing. *love it*

  3. You've done a great job! I've made the sandcastle cake before out of icecream, but I wished I'd thought of doing the beach pail cake with it - fabulous idea!


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