Thursday, December 03, 2009

Well, the other day I announced that I had indeed turned thirty. I celebrated with chocolate and gifts and a smile. Thirty doesn't scare me! Well, either that or maybe it hasn't sunk in yet....

Being thirty means....
1. People start buying you practical gifts, like cookbooks and household appliances; and it's exactly what you wanted.

2. You can suck in the belly all you want or still try to blame it on the pregnancies from years ago, but no one is fooled. Especially not your precocious oldest child, who prays and asks God to keep her mother from "getting any fatter."

3. A much younger mom starts giving you well-intentioned parenting advice, and as you smile and nod, you are inwardly thinking who is this young person to tell me how to parent?

4. You desperately want a Starbucks, but that would mean getting off the couch, getting dressed in appropriate clothing for the public eye, and driving the half-mile to the drive-thru to get it. And you're really just too lazy to go out.

5. If you do venture through a drive-thru, the young punk working there is bound to get on your nerves. Last year, you cheerfully said, "No problem" when he messed up your order three times in a row. Now you sigh and think how incompetent today's youth are.

But, other than that, I am still a young, hip, and positive wife and mom. Haha! Happy thirtieth to me!


  1. That Gabi! She cracks me up!

  2. Oh, I just love it! Especially #4 about Starbucks.... I may be addicted, seeing as I want one just hearing (reading) the word. Maybe I'll just have to bring one to you one of these days. Enjoy 30!!!


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