Monday, December 07, 2009

Ritz Pits

I hurried the kiddies up to their beds last night after church. It was getting late; so i quickly put on their pajamas and madly brushed their teeth. I snuggled the Spud in his crib and tried to get the other two hyper children in their beds. I was doling out hugs and kisses aplenty when the Drama Queen asked me if I wanted to hear her joke. (yeah, she is now at that age where she makes up lots of "jokes" with no apparent punch line and then laughs hysterically at them, especially knock-knock jokes).

"Sure, honey, " I replied. "Hurry and tell me your joke."

"Okay," she said, already giggling at what she was going to tell me. "Guess what smells?"

"I don't know - what smells?" I asked, playing along.

"My Ritz pits!" she screeched with laughter, pointing to her arm pits.

I did laugh then, all the while trying to figure out where she had come up with that one. And then I remembered. We have been listening to a Very Veggie Tales Christmas in the van (a lot!) There is one part in the show in which Pa Grape comes into the Christmas party and asks, "You got any Ritz Bits?"

Apparently my daughter, who has no idea what "Ritz Bits" are, reinterpreted it to describe her arm pits.

I'm still giggling now, thinking of how funny her joke actually was this time...

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