Friday, October 23, 2009

Little Brother

Ever since the Spud started walking (um, I mean running!), he has been working hard to fulfill his duties as pesky little brother. No book, toy, or quiet play is safe from this new master of havoc and destruction! He steals his siblings' food right off the table. He sits on a book when you are trying to read it. He gleefully topples block towers that have taken his sister a long time to build.

It is no wonder then that the Drama Queen gets just a little frustrated with her little brother. "Mom, make him stop!" I often hear her wail. And sometimes she gets a little carried away and tries to discipline the Spud herself. I remind her that her little brother is still just a baby and that we need to be patient with him. I know how she feels, having grown up with a couple of little brothers myself.

So, the other day the Drama Queen was hard at work using every Mega Blok in the box to build the most awesome tower ever. The Spud made a few unsuccessful attempts to destroy the tower, and then he saw his chance. The Drama Queen turned around to check for any extra blocks, and as she did so, the Spud careened into the table and completely demolished her building.

Her response?
"Mo-om!" she wailed. "He's wrecking my future!" :)


  1. Oh my goodness!! I can see this happening as you describe it... precious!! Little Spud Muffin! If he ever goes missing you know where to look for him first; Ladybug and I will have him!! Love those kiddos!!

  2. hahahahahhaahahah! That's all I have to say! ahahahahahahaaaa!!!

  3. Anonymous10:39 AM

    Didn't know if you were aware that your Art Shop block on your blog is blank.


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