Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mission Mommyhood

I have a bit of an unnatural obsession with mommy jewelry. Show me a beautiful piece of jewelry with my angels' names on it, and I want it. Badly! I especially love unique pieces, like the gorgeous spoon handle necklace my hubby purchased for me for Mother's Day.

Isn't this mommy necklace just stunning? I love the slight distressing of the metal and the lovely pearls!
This mommy necklace and many other beautiful pieces of certified mommy jewelry are hand-made by Heather at Mission Mommyhood on Etsy. Heather not only makes unique and gorgeous jewelry, but she is also unique in the fact that she herself is not a mommy. Yet. She has been making her mommy pieces now for a long time, all the while longing for a sweet baby of her own. As a teacher, she is daily surrounded by other people's children, but she has yet to come home to her own precious baby. Heather and her husband have been troopers through the infertility treatments, and now they know that their only option is in-vitro. Which, folks, is a pretty spendy treatment. It costs between $15,000 and $20,000 - way more than Heather and her husband can afford. Instead of feeling worry for herself and having a giant pity party (which I think she is totally entitled to, by the way!), Heather has launched her mommy jewelry shop called Mission Mommyhood to help pay for the in-vitro. She estimates that she needs to sell about 500 pieces to fund the in-vitro costs.
She has sold about fifty jewelry items already. Besides mommy jewelry, Heather makes beautiful hand-stamped pieces as well, including the clever coffee cup design on the earrings shown above.
Will you help Heather in her quest to mommyhood? If you are unable to purchase something from her shop, you can at least get the word out to others through blogging, twitter, facebook, etc.
I would love to see her announce on her Etsy shop - "Mission Accomplished!"


  1. I will definitely do what I can. This comes from someone that also went through infertility due to PCOS. I understand how she feels and it took us 12 years to finally have Blaze.

  2. Awww! What a great idea! I'll see what I can do. :)


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