Sunday, May 10, 2009

Not Me Monday #6 - Happy Mother's Day

After a few weeks' departure from Not Me! Monday posting, I am in need of the therapy that Not Me! posting provides once again. And so I present to you all the events that most certainly did not happen to me this past week

It was not me that drove cheerfully to music practice last Monday while singing silly children's songs at the top of my lungs to the current favorite CD. Oh no, not me! Especially not when I had NO KIDS in the car with me. . .

On Tuesday, my kiddies did not run giddily around the post office, giggling and testing out people's post office boxes to see if they opened. Ha! I train my children better than that, you see, and so of course it wasn't me staring balefully at the man who suggested that they "laugh a little more quietly."

On Wednesday, I did not count off the number of children that had come to PeeWee Club, realize that we had TWENTY-TWO preschoolers that night, and then briefly consider making a run for it. Oh no, not me! And for the PeeWee's delicious and nutritious snack, I did not serve up large marshmallows with pretzel sticks and instruct the little terrors to make marshmallow sheep with them. "All we like sheep have gone astray..."

I did not spend two very sleepless nights watching over my little Mikester while he suffered through a bout of croup. I did not anxiously run him to the doctor in the first opening they had that day. I was not in the slightest tempted to leave the other two happy monsters in the van while I took him in to see the doctor (ok, don't get all up in arms - just joking! but have you ever taken a 3 year old, a 2 year old, and an 8 month old to a tiny doctor's office and tried to focus on ust one child?)

I did not squeal giddily when I received a beautiful and absolutely unique necklace from my kiddies for Mother's Day. I did not watch my kiddies all day and think that even in their most obnoxious moments that I was the happiest and luckiest mom in the world.

I didn't even get a chance to take my daughter to Starbucks, order a hot chocolate and coffee respectively, and share a sinfully delicious slice of Godiva chocolate cheesecake with her. (Nope, not me, you all know how I hate to share!)

Ahh, the not me! therapy is so rejuvenating! I am so content and happy as a momma right now. Hope you all had a fantastic Mother's Day and a Happy Mother's Day to my mom! Mom, you are the best - I realize it more and more each year as I struggle to navigate the torrid waters of parenting. How on earth did you do it? Thank you for introducing me to God, books, and crafts. :) Gabi, David, and Michael say "Happy Mother's Day" to their grammy. Gabi wants you to know that she still likes green and that she hopes she can play Cooties again with you soon. David says "Love you Grammy! Grammy is in the picture!" and Michael is mostly just smiling. :)

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. I've been in the "how do I take all these monsters into the dr." boat with you. More times than I care to count! *hugs*

  2. I love your necklace, it is so cute! If Etsy was a place, I would so live there, so many awesome and unique things listed in one place!!

    I hate men like your kind commenter at the post office! Were they never children?? I was at the cinema with my cousin on Saturday and asked by a man if my 6 year old cousin could chew a little quieter. Hello, coming from Mr. Chomp Chomp!!

    Loved reading you Not Me's!!

  3. Had to giggle (out loud) about the comment "laugh a little more quietly"--too funny! Enjoyed your NMM post!

  4. I, too, sing in the car to the kids CD's when they aren't there. And sometimes I find myself watching the cartoon channel after they are in bed too! ;) No wait, no I don't! :)

    Hope your little one is feeling better. That croup is nothing to mess with! And I totally have echoed your sentiments at the doctor's office a time or two!

    Beautiful necklace, bytheway!

    And my secret to dining so cheap: mailing lists and coupons! (And the fact that our kids are all so young that we can get 2 kids meals and split it between the four of them.)

    Happy Monday and thanks for stopping by the blog!

    Memphis, TN

  5. The doctor's office? Been there! Except that I wanted to leave mine there - with the doctor. Hey, she's a professional, she could handle them!

  6. I love your is awesome!!
    Great Not Me's!

  7. I find myself singing to Hannah Montana when my daughter isn't around. Shhh...don't tell anyone! :o)

  8. Love the necklace! Your children have very good taste in jewelry,lol:)

  9. What a lovely post!


    PS I *love* Hannah Montana too...

  10. Anonymous12:06 PM

    Hi Jeanette, Thanks for the Mother's Day wishes -- it was a nice quiet day. Got your phone message. Thanks again for the pretty things you sent in the mail. Maybe some Mother's Day I'll spend it with my daughters and/or grandchildren. Love you Gabi, David, Michael, Jeanette, and Chris.

  11. Croup is no fun!! Sounds like you had a great mother's day! :)

  12. Gorgeous necklace! I love it~

  13. Anonymous1:09 PM

    There's something wrong with singing to Kids Praise music in the car? No one let ME in on that one!!

    Loved reading, the necklace is soo special!

    Stop by and see what I didn't do this past week!

  14. Coming by via MckMamas!
    Great post!
    Happy Monday!

    Blessings ~ Heather at

  15. Anonymous6:00 PM

    That is a beautiful necklace! I hate croup. My son has it every year and we usually end up in the Emergency.

  16. What a necklace - i love it! My kiddos gave me three rings intertwined one with each of their names on it!

  17. I love the necklace too. I understand your desire to leave the kids in the car. I only have 2 and I am lucky enough to leave one with my mom while I take the other one to the doctor.

    The last time I was at the doctors, there were a couple of kids there playing loudly and a young guy asked if they could play any louder. So the kids obliged and started playing louder. The guy obviously didn't know that you can't be subtle with kids.


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