Friday, July 10, 2009

My Bagel-ful Taste-monial

I am one of one hundred bloggers that get to do a Taste-monial on the new Kraft Bagel-fuls for  5 Minutes for Mom.  Here it is  - in crazy, sometimes-double-spaced paragraphs because my computer is refusing to cooperate with me:
When I give the Drama Queen, the Beast, and the Spud a choice to have a special breakfast, they almost always choose donuts. Of course. You know, the kind topped with ridiculously unnatural frosting and a pile of sprinkles. Naturally. So when the kiddies eat their “special” breakfast, you can imagine the mess. The Drama Queen is the neatest but usually still manages to spread a lot of crumbs in her wake. The boys look like they have just come out of a pillow fight with the Teletubbies and lost!
So when it came time to try the Bagel-fuls, I informed my offspring that we were going to have a “special” breakfast that day. They immediately clamored for donuts, and being the wonderful, responsible mom that I am, I said that we were having donuts. “Special” donuts with the frosting inside. This immediately piqued their curiosity, and they hurriedly bit into their Bagel-fuls to find the “frosting”. The Spud finished his first and asked for more (his latest baby sign language word) and the other two also seemed to enjoy theirs as well. When I asked them if they liked them, the Beast nodded and the Drama Queen asked me to please be quiet so she could finish watching her morning cartoon.
 Yes, folks, another proud parenting moment!  Afterwards, I stood there and stared at the breakfast table. Something was not right here - where were the crumbs scattered all over the floor? The frosting smears cemented on the table’s edge? I stood in shock as I mindlessly munched my own Bagel-ful, realizing that this new product saved me a big mess with the kiddies. “This would be a great breakfast to go; at least I wouldn’t have to clean out the minivan every time,” I thought. And then I realized that the Bagel-ful I was eating was good. Really good. So good I wanted another.  But there are only four to a box. So it’s back to cleaning up piles of crumbs and gobs of blue frosting, because I am NOT sharing my Bagel-fuls!


  1. No crumbs?! OMG, I must find these. Seriously, the to-go breakfast monster has plagued us for too long. Cereal pieces in the floor, crumbs on the shirt, and sticky fingers. UGH.

  2. how fun! What a neat thing to do! Back off of mama's bagelfuls, kiddos!

  3. OMG I love these things!

  4. But I just wouldn't feel like a mom without crumbs or cheerios on the floor


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