Friday, July 17, 2009

Put that Down and Come Here! I Mean It, Mister!

It's Friday again, and I just realized we are already half-way through July! Time is just flying, and I am running to even attempt to keep up with it.

I like to take some time on Friday mornings to focus on the past week, rejoicing in what was accomplished and what was successful. I also (ahem) think about the parts that could use improvement and try to work a plan to make that happen. Oh yeah, and I pray a lot too! :)

Last night I came down from giving the little angels their bath and reading them their bedtime story to find hubby cleaning the living room. He innocently asked me how the baths went, and I burst into tears. For those of you who may not know me that well, I do tend to burst into tears rather often. What can I say? I cry a lot!

Anyway, this particular time I was extremely frustrated with a certain little boy. well, that and the way I was handling that certain little boy. The Beast certainly has a talent for bringing out the worst in me! All day long he had been getting into things he shouldn't, and every time I spoke to him, it seemed as if I were talking to a brick wall. (all mommies of toddler boys are nodding in agreement). The problem was that word "spoke." You see, that rarely happened. "Talked loudly" might have been more appropriate. "Yelled" is the most accurate. And I was so frustrated with myself for yelling at my 2-year-old all day long!

"Why don't I have the patience that I have with my other two kids?" I wondered. "Why can't I remember that even though he is very smart for his age, he is ONLY 2 years old?? Why do I immediately resort to yelling with this guy?" I hated the look on his face when I yelled, and knew that it didn't "work" either. I felt like a bad mom, and all the frustrations built up in me until I cried and cried.

My hubby listened patiently as I vented, reassuring me that I am not a bad mom. I have never ever heard him yell at the kids, but he had no magic advice to help me with this problem.

So how do I stop this? How do I make something other than yelling my first reaction to my 2-year-old?

Please advise and encourage - this poor mommy needs it today!


  1. I wish I could offer some words of encouragement....but I'm finding I'm in the same boat as Seth gets a jump start on the TT's. =/ Praying for you, though!

  2. Oh, I wish I had better advice (as I sit here getting frustrated with my 3 year old who is in the "I can't" stage), but I always just try to fake it until I make it. I try to consciously talk nicely and explain things to him even when I'm seething inside.

    And, oh yes, my husband doesn't yell either. I don't get it. ... Grr to all of them! :-P

  3. Daddy in Law12:43 PM

    He reminds me of his Uncle Tim. With him you needed less stick, more carrot. Yelling, Corporal punishment, etc. never worked for that one. What really affected him was the thought that he had disappointed us. "What you're doing makes me sad", we'd say. He could not handle the idea of making us feel bad. Unfortunately that didn't work quite as well until he was only enough to fully grasp the concept. Once he did, it worked like a charm.

    Just hang in there. He doesn't want to behave poorly he just doesn't fully understand what poor behavior is yet.

  4. and now I'm crying, too. This is me & the word. *HUGS* I have no magic words, but I will pray & cry with you; for us & for our little beasts. :)

  5. As I write this I have a tickle in my throat, nope not from crying - from yelling at my 2year old twins and the 3year old. We had a beautiful day at the beach and then at bathtime and bedtime they really let me have it! It was ugly! So thanks I guess??? Your post actually has made me feel a little less horrible because I know I am not the only one who struggles with this! I have read about this response on other mom blogs too... I am starting to wonder what we can do about this - some kind of bloggy support group? Let me know what you think, you are certainly more creative than I am! I am from the other side of the brain, you know the opposite of creative - organized! LOL we could make a great team!!!!


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