Sunday, June 21, 2009

Not Me Monday #9 - Fathers, Freschetta, Framed Frog

howdy all! Today is Monday, and I am not doing anything at all - so hence it must be "Not Me Monday!" Woo hoo! - after the week I had, I am so in need of its therapeutic relief! For other "Not me-ers" and the blog that started it all, drop by MckMama's blog here and get all the info. And there are some of you out there who seriously need to start this form of therapy. You know who you are! Come on - let me see some of that Not ME! awesomeness bottled up inside you. . .

This past week was NOT such a blur that I am having trouble remembering what happened ten minutes ago, let alone last Monday. I am not worried that the events I present may not be in chronological order. Because of course, they didn't happen. Duh! Didn't you know this is Not Me! Monday??

I certainly did not spend hours and hours painting a five-foot kitchen sign for a customer and finish all the lettering only to realize that something was wrong with the base paint. I did not cry as hubby sanded away all my hard work so that we could use a better base paint. Naturally not - and I am most definitely not sitting here writing a Not Me! post while waiting for the first coat of that new base paint to dry. AT midnight. Nope, not me!

When dear hubby whined about Father's Day not getting as much attention or hype as Mother's Day, I certainly did NOT take it upon myself to educate him on such matters. I did not point out the following to my wonderful husband:
1) You got to sleep in today. NOT because it is Father's Day, but because you sleep in every Sunday. I always get the kiddies ready for church and let you rest. So, one day a year in which the mom gets to sleep in? Not such a bad deal, my friend...
2) If I recall correctly, I believe you were NOT the one in pain and agony pushing each baby out. Um, nope, not you! You sat there playing video games and smiling and saying "You can do it, hon" and "breathing" with me. So, Mother's Day a bigger deal? It should be. . .
3) Just because your heart desires a bigger flat-screen TV, it doesn't mean that you don't rate when the kids decide to spring for a card that plays "Kung Fu Fighting" instead. Nay, I say! You must be a Ninja Warrior in their book . . .

It was not me that convinced the hubby that we needed to have pizza on Friday night. If I had, I would not have used such lame arguments as "We're already over-budget on this month anyway" and "It's Father's Day Weekend" or "We need something easy since the kids are not going to their grandparents this weekend." Nope, and I certainly did not allow the kiddies to have a small amount of Pepsi in their cups. Why would any mother in her right mind give Pepsi to small children right before bedtime? (By the way, no mother is ever in her right mind. Those days are over!)

It was not me dancing around the living room and shrieking with joy when I discovered that I had sold six paintings through my Etsy shop The Framed Frog on Friday. The drama queen and the beast did not join me, spinning dizzily around the room in crazy circles. I did not think that my Etsy shop would be doing this well already. I did not refresh my Etsy shop screen several times to be sure it was not a joke. And I did not just now mention my Etsy shop several times in an effort to shamelessly promote my Etsy shop The Framed Frog to my faithful and new readers. Not Me! What Etsy shop??

Nope. Not Me! What will you not lay claim to this week? Please tell all and share your link with me - I wanna read it!


  1. YAY! Congrats on the paintings! You certainly have the talent! WOO HOO! Oh, and Father's Day...I'm on your side. ;)

  2. Awesome job on the paintings! Love your post!

  3. Oh no you had to redo it after all that work? I would have cried too!

    Congrats on the orders!


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