Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day to. . .

. . . my daddy, whom I love and miss very much. God is calling you to Oregon, Dad, just so you know. Thanks for being an awesome dad and great Pop to my kids. . .
. . . my dad-in-law, who raised a fantastic son :) and is a super grandpa to the kiddies. . .
. . . to Grandpa George, napping here with the Spud. The kiddies love their great-grandpa!. . .
. . . and of course my ever-so-handsome and fantastic husband Chris! He is a wonderful daddy to our daughter, who had him wrapped around her finger even as a newborn,
a great buddy and daddy to our first son, . . .

. . . and he still has plenty of love and hugs for kid number three!

Happy Father's Day!


  1. Chris looks increasingly tired as the kids multiply! LOL Love this post, Jeanette! It was a great tribute to all the great dads in your life!

  2. Oh what sweet pics! You guys are so blessed!

  3. Dad's are so special. It is great to see all the wonderful pics. God bless.


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