Friday, June 05, 2009

In Case You Were Wondering...

In yesterday's post, I mentioned a very sad little incident in which the Beast decided to decorate one of my paintings with black permanent marker.  And in case you were wondering the outcome, I was able to save the painting by using one of the greatest inventions in the world - baby wipes!  I scrubbed until all the black (and much of the paint) came off and then redid that portion of the painting.  And here are the three paintings, ready to be shipped:

They turned out great, and I personally love the color scheme of this little girl's room!  The damaged painting was actually the owl one (of course, the one with the most background detail!)  This is probably the most fun project I've done in a while for The Framed Frog.

And speaking of fun projects, head on over to The Scrappy Frog to learn how to make this super easy dry erase board and some other ones as well!


  1. Cute paintings! And, I'm a dry erase board addict. I think some days that's the only way I get to communicate with my husband between work, church, and kiddo priorities! VERY CUTE!

  2. love the paintings, jeanette! Glad you saved the owl!

  3. I'm glad you were able to fix it. I would have been so frustrated if my kid had ruined something I worked so hard on. And that does look like it's going to be a really fun nursery.

  4. Well, the background for the owl is so pretty - it inspired your son to copy you and try to add detail! He just wants to be an artist like his mom :)

    P.S. Keep the sharpies in a safe place - high up.


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