Monday, May 18, 2009

Not Me Monday #7 - of beaches and cameras

It's that time again - when bloggers everywhere stop feeling bad about giving their child a soda to drink or neglecting the laundry for three whole days or other such taboos.  We simply relax and tell all about our week, without "admitting" to anything.  You can find more such "non-confessions" here.
On Monday, I did not take my kids and my new camera to the park and proceed to take dozens (nay, hundreds!) of pictures of the adorable little monsters.  I certainly did not lie on my stomach in the sandbox to get some better shots, and I of course would never have told another child to move out of the way so that I could get a better picture.  And absolutely, I was not tickled at my new-found photography skills when I uploaded the above picture.  
On Saturday, when getting ready to drive out to the coast for some beach and family time, I did not make the whole family wait in the car while I snapped several pictures of my azaleas.  I didn't spend ten extra minutes trying to get the angle and lighting just right, and I was not immensely thrilled with the above picture. :)
At the coast, my 2-year-old did not run headlong into the waves, fearless and clumsy.  He did not get the most ridiculously cute grin on his face as he played in the surf and fell down with each wave that came in.  

And at that same beach, my daughter did not run screaming from the waves, shouting "The shark's going to get me!  The shark's going to get me!"  (I swear, people, that that child has never seen Jaws.  Or anything even remotely akin to it!)  She of course did not only deign to be near the water on top of Daddy's shoulders, because naturally she is not completely and totally a Daddy's girl.  And her mother did not spend inordinate amounts of time making a sand castle while everyone else waited to get out of the windy weather and get back to the house.  Nope, not me!   (Remember - I never make anyone wait!)
And during our Christian school's graduation last night, I absolutely did not cry.  I did NOT miss being a teacher, and I certainly did not have visions of my daughter in one of those caps and gowns.  This would have caused undue emotion, and I would never have allowed that.  :(

What did you not do this week?  Give yourself some therapy by letting us all know!


  1. Oooh! Beautiful pictures! What kind of camera did you get? I'm in the market, myself.

    Happy Monday!

  2. It's a good thing that you did not spend a lot of time time taking pictures because they are "not" great pictures.

    I already wrote my not me post but your last paragraph reminded me that last night I got teary-eyed thinking that my daughter would be sad if I died. Of course she would be sad and I don't know why it made me so sad when it obviously hasn't happened.

  3. Wow- great pictures! What camera did you get, I am writing up my wish list!

  4. Great pics Jeanette! It was definitely a perfect weekend for a trip to the beach.

  5. Cute, cute! Love the pictures.


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