Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Of The Bachelor, Bad Choices, and Bloggy Love

There happen to be many movies and TV shows that I simply cannot watch.  I'm not sure if it's the result of an overactive imagination, but certain movies and show become too real to me and I can't handle the stress. :)  For example, a few seasons ago, I attempted to watch the TV show 24 with my husband.  About halfway through the season, I quit watching the show.  I swear I would get short of breath and incredibly stressed watching Jack Bauer fight the terrorists, and at night, I would have terrible nightmares of terrorist attacks in our city.  I know, I know, it's pretty pathetic really.  It's also the reason I cannot even get near a haunted house attraction.  I probably would have been the first person to freak out when they originally aired War of the Worlds over the radio air waves!

So much of what I watch on TV now I would term "mindless fluff."  With the exception of a good football game or fantastic cooking show, I must confess that I have somewhat become a reality show addict.  Shockingly enough, I find myself doing the same thing with these shows that I did with the heart-stopping action thrillers.  I get too involved in the "story line" and too invested in the lives of the people playing their parts in the show.  Case in point:  Last night ABC aired the finale of The Bachelor.  Don't even ask me how I got into that show - but let's just say it was a priority on the Tivo list!  As many of you Bachelor followers know, the "hero" of the show quickly degraded himself with some not-so-gentlemanly behavior last night.  Ridiculous as it may seem, I found myself commiserating with the jilted girl and thinking not-so-nice thoughts about the bachelor himself.  After shouting a few choice (albeit Christian!) words at the TV screen, I headed up to bed.

And I couldn't stop thinking about it.  Not about the results of the show - but about my involvement in the show.  Here I had grown to care about and appreciate certain people on a reality show - people I didn't even know personally - and I started to wonder how appreciated my REAL friends felt.  Why was I wasting time and energy on some reality show when I could be putting that time and emotion into my family and my friendships?  Ouch - there was a not-so-gentle reminder from God!  

I am relieved that The Bachelor is over - and determined to keep my TV show viewing to a minimum.  That, and not getting so personally involved. . .

So my bloggy friends, here's some loving to you all!  In no particular order:

To Monica, thanks for all your kind comments and your inspirational words.  You have a true talent for writing!
To Katina, so glad you are able to remind me again and again of the little reasons we have entered this journey called Motherhood!
To My Kids Mom, thanks for your always honest opinions and your wordy comments :)
To Sara, my cheerleader and the one who truly knows what I go through some days!
To my sister, whom I love dearly and wish she didn't live across the country!
To Mrs. D, who is a true inspiration to me domestically although I know I could never be as perfect as she is! ;)
To Heather, thanks again for the sweet package and I love reading your very sarcastic and funny blog!  
To Kim, who is my artistic and mommy inspiration!  You are one talented mompreneur!
To Adrienne, another creative muse in my bloggy wanderings!  Thank you so much for the awards you gave me - I feel so undeserving! ;)
And to Big Sis, your comments are always funny and sweet.  Thank you!

don't worry - I will get out some more bloggy love to the rest of you in a future post - a very cranky teething baby is needing his mama!


  1. I was glad to see you were going to the Ladies Conference in Marysville. I wanted to go too but we are leaving Monday to visit the kids and I just couldn't swing it financially. Hope you have a great trip and tell Mrs. Ogle hi for me (of course I'll see her next week so never mind)

  2. Aww, thanks Jeanette!! And, I'm the same as you. I always get emotionally invested in characters whether it be on TV, in the movies, or in a book. The hubs always gets exasperated when I start getting all emo over TV things and says "Heather, reality check. You don't know them and their story doesn't exist in real life. Okay?!" ... Well, they exist in my little world.

  3. Thanks for the love dear friend. Yep I watched the show last night too. Amazing! Jason fell in my eyes too over that one. Besides I never really liked Molly. But there now, who cares? As you say they are not our real life friends so I'll let it rest.

    Psst- didnt Jason just make himself look ridiculous and insincere by changing his....oops yes, I'll let it rest..but really now do you suppose that was all staged for a better show? Okay, okay Im letting it rest.
    Yep, I am!

    I will say though..
    No I wont say it.


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