Sunday, March 01, 2009

Not Me! Monday #3 - One Very Long Rainy Day

Well, it's that time again - time for a little mommy therapy as I share all the things I didn't do last week.  And once you're finished entertaining yourself here, you might want to go to MckMama's blog to find more brutal honesty from mommies everywhere.  

On a very rainy very cold Tuesday morning, I did not tell my husband he could have the van that day, knowing that the kiddies had library story hour that morning.  I did not think to myself that the weather would clear up and we would be able to walk to the library by 10:00 am.  Oh, no, not me!  Having lived in lovely and very rainy Oregon for almost five years now, I would never have expected the rain to disappear.

And on that very rainy very cold Tuesday morning, I most certainly did not stick one arm outside and determine that it was dry enough and warm enough to walk with three little ones the ten blocks or so to the library.  I did not strap the two older ones into the double stroller with blankets and chocolate milk, and certainly the woman attempting ridiculous-looking warm-ups before she strapped her baby in the snugglie was not me.  I wouldn't be caught dead outside on a day like that!  

And I did not feel like a crazy homeless lady with her poor little babies, one of which had managed to put on two different colored socks without my knowledge, as I trudged up the steep hill that leads out of our condo complex.  Nope, i would never allow my child to leave the house like that.  And no, she wasn't wearing last winter's beanie that didn't fit her correctly either.  That would be pretty shameful!

It was not me that decided to forge ahead when huge drops of very cold rain began pelting us amidst huge wind gusts.  I would never have stubbornly continued on in my quest to get out of the house while allowing my children to get soaked and cold.  I did not pull the whole entourage under the bus stop overhang just in time for the bus driver to stop, just for me and the kiddies.  Too bad I did not have a bus ticket. . . 

Upon finally reaching the library, I did not pretend that it was normal for my kiddies to smell like wet blankets.  I most certainly did not stay for BOTH story times just so we could dry off a little.  And as every good mommy should, I did not give in to my son's pleading for a donut from the library's coffee shop.  And I did not allow my kiddies to start eating their high-fat, high-sugar donuts before I paid for them - why would any sane person do that?  Especially if the debit card machine suddenly went on the fritz and I didn't have any cash?  I definitely was not the one writing my phone number on a mostly-clean napkin to give to the cashier as an "I Owe You."  Oh no, not me!  I am always prepared!

Upon exiting the library, it was not I and the children that were once again pelted with very cold rain.  It was not I that suddenly remembered that the way back to our place was mostly uphill and hence immediately needed to make a stop at the local store to, again, dry off.  You would not have seen my now thoroughly wet family cruising every aisle in the store twice to waste time.  Nope, that wasn't me!  I wasn't the one purchasing winter gloves for the kiddies because their hands were so cold (and being so cheap that I had to get the Christmas ones on 90% off clearance).  All while juggling a Starbucks cup - nope, not me!

And at 3:00 pm, this mommy was most definitely not putting her kiddies in front of the TV for a few episodes of their favorite show with mugs of hot chocolate because she felt guilty.  Or because she desperately needed a nap. . . 

Not me!  Don't you want me to watch your kids for you now?  The responsibility and mature choices are just oozing out of me! :)


  1. This was (not) me last October, but we were (not) going to *snicker* the playground! Who does (not) do these things?! LOL

  2. thanks for the wonderful laugh this morning! my goodness, that is too funny! i can't believe you got to give the cashier an iou!
    i felt like i needed a nap after reading that too! :-) hope your days like that are few and far between! happy monday!

  3. I really miss you. I wish I could have been there to help push your stoller up hill both ways!!!

  4. Aww. This was most definately NOT me this week either. Different country, same weather, same parenting choices. Small world.


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