Sunday, March 22, 2009

Not Me Monday #5 -

Hooray - it's that time of the week again, and boy am I in need of some therapy! You will be thrilled and perhaps a little appalled at all the things I didn't do this past week, but get over your shock and head over to MckMama's for more not me! fun.
(edit: actually MckMama ended up having to take her little one to the hospital so you can go to her blog to read about that instead and pray for her sweet little one.)

I most certainly did not hand my two toddlers some wet rags and tell them to "scrub the dirty floor like crazy! Isn't this a fun game?" And I did not act shocked when they proclaimed the task boring and "unfun." I did not internally cry, knowing I would now have to do the job myself. And of course I did not feel even a smidge of guilt about using my kiddies as slave labor around the house.

I did not take my kids to their library story time on St. Patrick's Day dressed in matching RED outfits. I did not arrive at the library all pleased at how cute my little munchkins looked while secretly thinking that they were by far the most adorable at the class. I did not then feel even slightly mortified when I realized that every other child was wearing green that day. I did not rejoice inwardly when I realized my kiddies had no clue what day it was and were just as happy wearing red. And I had no problem with my daughter yelling at the librarian because she had "our book." Oh no, not me!

On Wednesday I did not have a panic attack when my daughter shoved a bead up her nose. When the bead finally came out, I did not marvel that it was a green bead and laugh to myself every time she had "whistled" through the bead in her nose. Nope, not me!

I absolutely did not realize after taking my husband to the emergency room for throwing out his back that we had no form of entertainment while we waited. I certainly could have waited there patiently without electronic devices or books. I did not leave my hubby by himself in a wheelchair in the emergency room while I rushed home to gather my netbook, books, cell phone chargers, and snacks. I did not rush back to the hospital to then promptly forget all the things I had just gotten and fall asleep on the hospital chair. I did not feel ever so glad to see a nurse in all my life - five hours later - and then wonder if I would be really able to drive him home safely.

And I am not sitting here under a haze of Nyquil-induced sleepiness trying to make sense of the written word. Nope, not me!

Anyone else not had a week like me?


  1. Oh, I am soooo stealing the clean the kitchen floor game! Ha! Jake will be delighted to play tomorrow! :-)

  2. NOW is definitely the time to trick them into thinking jobs are fun,lol. They get smart about those things real quick:) Hope this week is a little calmer at your house.

  3. And when you re-read this blog in a year, will you be amazed you had time to blog?


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