Friday, March 20, 2009

Frogster Family Drama

There is always some drama going on in the Frogster household. I mean, with three little unpredictable little ones, a hubby trying to balance his two jobs and family, and me starting my own business while trying to be a good mom, it's bound to happen. And let me tell you, we have gotten slammed with a whole lotta drama lately.

I knew that someday I would experience the "my kid shoved something up their nose" syndrome, but I didn't expect it to be Gabi. She is usually so careful with her things and loves to labor over her arts and crafts; therefore I was quite startled and a little alarmed when she announced in a panicky way that she had a bead up her nose. After trying in vain to extract the bead, I called Chris, who had the van that day. He decided to come home from work. As he drove home, I managed to get Gabi to blow her nose several times until the offending bead fell out. At this point, Chris had already arrived home and decided to work the remainder of the day from home. Relieved, I returned to my work, which had suddenly become very busy with three orders in one day! (woohoo!)
The next day I was a little nervous as I prepared for my dentist appointment that day. Let's just say it had been a while since I had been to the dentist, and my last experience had not been a good one. I already knew that I had a few cavities and was not looking forward to the pain. (I'd rather give birth than have drilling done in my mouth). The dentist determined that I had several cavities and a bacterial disease that causes my teeth to decay five times faster than a normal person. (so how many of you thought I was normal anyway!?) He prescribed me special toothpaste and mouth rinse that I will have to use for the rest of my life to control the bacterial growth in my mouth. (sorry, gross, I know). As I got ready to leave the office to get home and work on one of my orders ( a rush order that has to be shipped out this weekend), they called me back to schedule a root canal at four'o'clock later that day. Arggh! But I very responsibly went, even though I kept thinking of thousands of "excuses" to get out of it. God blessed and it ended up being a filling (to three cavities in one tooth) that was surprisingly not too painful.
When I got home, I found my husband doubled over in pain. Apparently, in working from home the day before, he had bent over his laptop too long and done some serious damage to his lower back. He couldn't walk or even stand up straight; so I had to call my mother-in-law to take the kiddies and my father-in-law to help me get Chris to the emergency room. He literally crawled out to the car because we couldn't lift him, and once at the emergency room, we waited almost five hours before seeing a doctor. Mercifully they didn't waste too much time getting him a morphine shot, and some happy happy drugs to take home. We drowsily pulled into our driveway at 5:00 this morning.
He is sleeping very peacefully right now as I try to get my rush order done and manage the kiddies. Life is never boring around here. . .


  1. Oh, I hope things start calming down for you all. Hope the Hub's back gets better soon and your mouth stops growing little communities! And, here's to extra long naps for the kiddos all this week!! :-)

  2. Wow. What a coupla days! Tires me out just reading it. I hope all goes well this weekend and you are blessed with a quiet, drama-less week to come!

  3. How fun. You will remember this day for years and talk about it forever. One thing I learned is that if your kid sticks something up their nose have them sniff alittle pepper. The sneeze almost always dislodges the object. I learned this after sitting with Jessica in the ER for 2 1/2 hours. She sneezed and out came the bean.

  4. Oh my I hope chris gets better fast. Back pain is no fun! And neither is pain in the teeth! I too would sooner have a baby than go to the dentist but like a good girl I religiously go to my dentist for cleaning every 6 months along with my kids.

  5. Oh my, this sounds way too much like my house right now. Isn't it crazy that some people have much more dental trouble than others? Contrary to popular thought, it doesn't always have to do with hygiene or frequency of going to the Dentist. The Professor has to use special tooth paste too, in spite of the fact that we go to the Dentist regularly.

    I hope you and your Hubby are feeling better soon. It'd be nice if life was boring and uneventful for just a little while, don't you think? lol

  6. Anonymous11:34 AM

    one thing always leads to another doesn't it, I hope you have a easy brezzy week this week, as easy as it can be with 3 kids, any way, may God bless you!


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